“Heaven on Earth” : Enjoy Entertaining Parties Day and Night at Harajuku Ekimae Stage!

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“Heaven on Earth” : Enjoy Entertaining Parties Day and Night at Harajuku Ekimae Stage!

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Have you heard of Harajuku Ekimae Stage before?

Those who have been all say, “It’s like heaven on earth. I have to go again.” Because of all the praise it’s gotten, fans are talking about Harajuku Ekimae Stage as “currently the concert venue to get tickets to”.


Harajuku Ekimae Stage opened last year in August. Just like its name suggests, it’s situated right outside of JR Harajuku Station, putting on entertaining parties (live performances) day and night.

Groups that appear at Harajuku Ekimae Stage are called Harajuku Ekimae Parties. Among them are four active groups, Fuwa Fuwa, Pink Diamond, Harajuku Otome, and Harajuku Stage A.

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One notable feature of the venue is the way the stages have been made up. Harajuku Ekimae Stage is split into two stages, the “hikaru (shining) stage” and the “runway stage”. Parties perform on stages that are almost cheek-to-cheek with the audience. This up-close proximity with the audience is unheard of at regular live houses, and one reason why many fans are captivated by Harajuku Ekimae Stage.


Another feature is the fashion portion of the show. In addition to a song and dance live performance bit, the girls put on a fashion show using the runway stage. Opposite of the live performance part of the show, it gives audiences a chance to see the girls’ cool sides.

Fuwa Fuwa
Fuwa Fuwa is comprised of 19 members between the ages 12 and 20. Among the members are popular models from magazines like Nicola, Nakayoshi, Pichire, and Nico Puchi. The group is characterized by their often girly and cute music.

Sena Akasaka (20), Miyuu Ishii (13), Haruka Iwasaki (12), Miyu Endou (14), Sana Kaneshi (13)
Mao Saeki (15), Hitomi Suzuki (14), Shiho Takaoka (13), Arisa Tanino (15), Nagisa Tsukamoto (15)
Aimi Nakano (14), Hina Hiratsuka (15), Rio Matsuzaki (14), Ririka Motoshima (13), Nanasa Yamamoto (14)
Nanaho Yamamoto (16), Miyuki Yokota (14), Rurika Yoshizawa (12), Momoka Tsukada (13)



Pink Diamond
This group is made up of give members with an acrobatic element to their performance. They even do backflips during “SUSHI PARTY”!
Mami Ookawa (19), Yuko Shimizu (17), Ayaka Takizawa (16), Sayaka Tatsumi (17), Marin Nomura (18)




Harajuku Otome
Formed by eight aspiring models. Their average height is a shocking 167 cm and their legs average 81.6 cm in length!!
Rua Uehara (15), Mizuho Katou (16), Jennifer Airi Saitou (16), Julie Sakuma (14), Rio Tsutsumi (16), Hinako Nakada (15), Yuuki Mine (14), Riria Yuasa (16)




Haraeki Stage A
Seven cool, cute members make up this group. The intensity of their song and dance is nothing like you’d imagine just going by their appearance.
Anri Isobe (17), Kiri Itou (14), Hinata Irie (15), Rina Someno (17), Nanako Taya (15), Natsumi Baba (18), Marin Makino (17)


After a successful performance at the RISING FES that took place December 29-31, 2015, the girls are hopping from Harajuku over to Akasaka Blitz for a solo concert on January 29th. They’ve also been scheduled to perform at the Takeshiba Ekimae Stage on March 5th and 6th over at the NEW PIER HALL in Takeshiba.


Tickets will probably continue to be difficult to get your hands on from here on out, so we suggest you visit as soon as possible!

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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