The Holy and Comfortable Bar “Yokkorasho” Where Idol Wotaku Gather to Chill Out!

The Holy and Comfortable Bar “Yokkorasho” Where Idol Wotaku Gather to Chill Out!
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If you think of Kabukicho, Shinjuku, most of you think it’s a place of having many izakaya (drinking place), host and hostess clubs, love hotels, and night clubs. However, contrary to your image, there’s a bar named “Yokkorasho”(酔っこら処)where idol wotaku gather after idol concerts, before some idol events, or randomly to talk about their favorite idols.


Yokkorasho is located exactly in the middle of Kabukicho near the well-known tourist hotspot “Robot Restaurant”. It might be a little bit scary to go through the streets alone, but if you are idol wotaku, we recommend you to visit the bar at least once!

Kawaii Asia’s crew, Hikari Shiina, who is also idol known as “Pikarin”, visited the bar to research idol wotaku there, bringing with her Kumiko Funayama (Kumikky) and Ai Matsumoto (Mapipi) together!


Opening the door, Yokkorasho was packed with many idol wotaku even though it was weeknight! You can see many idol related posters, goods, and CDs. There is even free CD distribution box where wotaku customers leave behind idol CDs for other wotaku to find out about their favorite idols too!

yokkorasho-kawaii-asia-12 yokkorasho-kawaii-asia-09 yokkorasho-kawaii-asia-05

People who come here say it’s really easy to be here and one of the biggest reasons is, the owner Yuko-san herself is idol wotaku. Yokkorasho was not idol wotaku bar in the beginning, however, Yuko-san mentioned that as the bar began to take on her personality, idol wotaku started gathering. Yokkorasho welcomes every kind of idol wotaku, no matter what group or soloist you like!




Some Pikarin fans happened to be the bar and they discussed about how much they love her and how attractive she is. At the end of the filming, Pikarin offered the customers there to show “Gachi-Koi Koujou” to Kumikky, as she never experienced it before because she isn’t idol.


Kumikky was so surprised by their energetic Gachikoi-Koujou and said she felt so warm inside that she was praised in that way! She also commented that Pikarin, and idols in general, must be so happy that they have warm fans who support always support them.

yokkorasho-kawaii-asia-14 yokkorasho-kawaii-asia-15

All three girls enjoyed a unique way of spending a night in Kabukicho, especially Kumikky and Mapipi finding how fun it is for idol wotaku to gather and enjoy talking about their favorite idols over some drinks!



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Address : Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-8-3, Arakawa building 1F,
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 03-3204-6110



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