Satisfy Your Curiosity! Explore Outer Space World Through the Museum TeNQ

Satisfy Your Curiosity! Explore Outer Space World Through the Museum TeNQ
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Nowadays, it has been said that the era when anyone can go on space travel will come. Although it won’t be casual things for most of the people that soon, the reality of visiting space, which has always been human’s dream, is definitely taking on!


To learn more about outer space, the three Kawaii Asia’s navigators Kumiko Funayama (Kumikky), Hikari Shina (Pikarin) and Saki Shibata (Shibasaki) went to the space museum TeNQ located in Tokyo Dome City! Not just being able to enjoy watching images and exhibits, you can feel the attraction of space by experiencing it.


Entering TeNQ museum, the first thing welcoming you is “Starting Room”. This is the room where you can watch images by projection mapped display. The emotions for outer space and the vision of it seen by people from the ancient era to the current time are projected in the form of videos on the cube on the wall. You’ll see that out space gives people dream in any ages.


Next, they visited “Theater Sora”, an 11-meter diameter theatre with 4K to bring outer space up close.


People have been “looked up” outer space so far, but in the future, we will be able to “look down” outer space……you will experience new feeling like that at this area. Powerful and dynamic images made three girls caught their breaths.

ten-q-kawaii-asia-07 ten-q-kawaii-asia-09 ten-q-kawaii-asia-10

Then, they moved to “Science” area. In this area, “Research Center”, which is a annex of the University Museum, University of Tokyo, is placed. The researchers are actually doing researches at this laboratory everyday! The latest reseache updates are brought right to the exhibit space, giving the visitors a view into research in action. That’s amazing, ins’t it?!


Here is “Imagination” area. You ca play games based on space here. Three girls enjoyed “Outer Space self testing”, which tell us what type of a space probe if we were this, “Astro Ball -Go! Go! Sphero-“, where we aim at the goal located on a rocket launch pad within a time limit, operating a spherical robot, and so on.

ten-q-kawaii-asia-18 ten-q-kawaii-asia-19 ten-q-kawaii-asia-23 ten-q-kawaii-asia-25 ten-q-kawaii-asia-26 ten-q-kawaii-asia-27

Oh! Here is an alien……!


In the end, the girls visited “Connection Place”. Here you can enjoy “Kotobarium” where quotes related to space appear and disappear like stars.


You can also enjoy this! Your footprints are left on the surface of the moon projected on the floor.


This place also has photo shooting places, so they took some pictures there!


There is a souvenir shop in the exit of the museum. Here, we buy some goods related to space, and also TeNQ original good. They enjoyed the feeling of expectation for outer space till the end!


Whether you love space or not, once you visit to TeNQ, you will be attracted to and want to learn about space more, absolutely! Most of the exhibits are also explained in English, so you from different countries may want to visit TeNQ!

Photos by kobadog

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Address : Yellow Building 6F, Kouraku 1-3-61, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Suidobashi
TEL : 03-3814-0109



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