Eating Soil?! Try Soil-based Cuisine at French Restaurant “Ne Quittez Pas”

Eating Soil?! Try Soil-based Cuisine at French Restaurant “Ne Quittez Pas”
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In a quiet residential area in Gotanda stands a French restaurant, Ne Quittez Pas, where you can taste the “power of life” through the natural ingredients of seafood and vegetables.


At Ne Quittez Pas, they offer a unique “tsuchi ryouri” (soil cuisine) that has been receiving the attention of the media lately.

“Is it safe to eat soil?” This must be the first thing that comes up to your mind, but the tradition of eating soil has been present in the world since the ancient times, and it is said that there was a culture of eating soil in Japanese too until the late Edo period.

Now, why did Ne Quittez Pas even think of serving earth cuisine? According to chef Tanabe, good vegetables come from good soil, and he learned from the farmers that you are able to eat soil if they do not use agricultural chemicals. In addition, soil is rich in mineral and nutrition!

First, they tried “Soil Soup of Vegetables and Bouillon”. Most people may imagine the gritty feeling in your mouth when you hear of eating soil, but it actually had a light and smooth texture.

ne-quite-pas-02 ne-quite-pas-03

Next, they had “Bikkuri Tsuchi”. This menu contains truffle and butter inside potato that is coated with soil. The appearance has a strong impact, but the flavor is very delicate.


At last, they had “Soil Crème Brulee” as a desert. The sweet crème brulee and refreshing soil is a great match!

ne-quite-pas-05 ne-quite-pas-06 ne-quite-pas-07

Although the 3 girls were suspicious of this earth cuisine in the beginning, all of them were pleased with the high-quality food after having the course.


“Good ingredients come from good soil”. Ne Quittez Pas was a great French restaurant that taught us one of the most important things in consuming meals.

Photos by Kaede

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Ne Quittez Pas
Address : 3-15-19 Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Gotanda
TEL : 03-3442-2382



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