mr.kanso in Nakano : Tasteful Bar Filled with Canned Foods! Cans Can be Chefs in There!

mr.kanso in Nakano : Tasteful Bar Filled with Canned Foods! Cans Can be Chefs in There!
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In a typical Japanese house, it is practically a given that it will contain a pretty big stash of canned foods. Some of the usual canned foods you’d see are cans filled with tuna, asparagus, sweet corn, fruit, corn beef, curry, pasta sauce and more. This may surprise you but there almost 800 types of canned food in Japan. Canned foods would be no longer just preserved foods. Just how many canned foods are within the country of Japan alone?

Apparently there is even a bar where you can see a huge selection of these canned foods too! At this bar you can admire this huge selection all while sipping on a variety of alcoholic drinks. The bar has the biggest selection of canned foods recorded in Japan at present and goes by the name of mr.kanso. There are more than 40 sister-bars across Japan to choose from, but today we chose to visit the Nakano branch.

img-mrkanso-15 We entered the bar ready to see something that we’d never seen before; a wall overflowing with cans, piled up on shelves and all sorts of places.



“What on earth is this?” Saaya thought with excited thoughts.img-mrkanso-03

There weren’t just cans from Japan, but even cans from countries all over the world. Just looking at all the labels can keep you entertained for hours. About 150 varieties of cans can be seen at the bar, and as the cans are replaced by new ones periodically, it’ll be a new experience almost every visit!


After much deliberation, we chose to try one of mr. kanso’s original products, “Fukkura Dashi-maki Can” and horse meat can. Fukkura Dashi-maki Can is a form of canned Dashi-maki-tamago(something like rolled omelette). Even though the canned horse meat was just laid out on a plate for us to enjoy, we found it to be almost quite refined in its appearance.


Dashi-maki-tamago is best served hot, and when we received our order, it was heated, ready for us to devour. We then waited a few minutes.


It looked so soft and delicious!


After blowing on it a few times, it was time to take a bite!


“It tastes so good!”


we all said almost in harmony, and we were hooked! Despite how difficult it is to make a great tasting Dashi-maki-tamago, the canned Dashi-maki-tamago blew us away with its amazing taste. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that you can even take home cans that spark your interest. There are so many different canned foods that are very difficult to find available to try; sea lion meat, bear meat and so many more. Why not come by and discover a new can that you’ve never tried before?

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle
Model by Saaya

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mr.kanso Nakano
Address : Yamada Socialbuilding 1F, 5-58-9, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nakano
TEL : +81 3-5318-3055



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