Becoming a Sushi Chef Isn’t a Dream? One Day Sushi Experience at Kiyomura Juku!

Becoming a Sushi Chef Isn’t a Dream? One Day Sushi Experience at Kiyomura Juku!
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What do you think of when you hear Japanese food? Many of you may say sushi. Sushi is sold in many countries and many people come to Japan to eat sushi, so eating sushi has become a regular experience.


However there is a place in Tsukiji Tokyo that gives you the newest sushi experience. It is Kiyomura Juku ran by the popular sushi restaurant Sushizanmai.

there are many courses you can take like “ Zanmai sushi chef course” where they raise professional sushi chefs, and “Sushi culture course” where you can learn sushi that you can enjoy at home. Kawaii Asia navigators Culumi Nakada and Hikari Shiina are beginners, so they took the “culture course”.

In their experience, they fillet a horse mackerel, and made sushi! They have never fillet before and they were complete beginners. The teacher taught them from how to hold the knife.

The teacher kept on telling us that you don’t need power. They first started from the fillet. They had the impression that it would be difficult to fillet but they learned they didn’t need much power to neatly fillet the fish.

Next was the rolls. They made a small roll and medium roll. Don’t put too much power in making the roll which will end up squishing the rice. However Hikari didn’t enough power in it and ended up like this…. The road to a professional sushi chef is a long way!

sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-14 sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-15
Lastly is the Nigiri sushi. Hikari was saying that anyboy could make Nigiri sushi, but when she actually tried it, it didn’t go too well. On the other hand, Culumi was making steady progress by learning from the teacher.

And finally, finished! We were able to create the sushi that we’ve only eaten in restaurants! Although it doesn’t look perfect, the sushi they made themselves was great.

sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-21sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-20sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-23 sushi-zanmai-kimura-juku-24
This time, we experienced the “sushi culture course” that anybody could experience, but there are other courses like a 3 month “sushi chef course” where you actually work at the restaurant too. Going abroad for sushi may be a great plan!



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Kiyomura Juku
Address : Tsujuki Omi building B1, Tsukiji 1-7-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Tsukiji
TEL : 03-5148-3355



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