“Hanayashiki Style Ninja Experience” Make Your Wish to Become Ninja Come True!

“Hanayashiki Style Ninja Experience” Make Your Wish to Become Ninja Come True!
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It is sure that many people had dreaming to be a Ninja, isn’t it? Here is a good news for such people! There is a place that you can get training of Ninja!

The place we visited was the oldest amusement park “Asakusa Hanayashiki” in Asakusa. This time, Seriko Hamasaki (a.k.a.Seritan) from Tokyo Rad Girls challenged Ninja training. There are staff who can speak English and able to have English subtitle for screen, so ask for it in need.


Ninja dojo is not in the area of Hanayashiki, but in the “Maruhana Ninja Shoten,” near Hanayashiki. Walking through the store, there is a dojo, and Syuriken, stick into the wall, seems nice!lol

The first thing to do at the dojo is application. Write your name on application sheet and name plate. You can write your own name but it will be more fan to write Ninja like name, “—maru” or “—zou” or “—suke.” Seritan named herself “Serimaru.”

Then, wrap Hachimaki on your head. You can bring back home it after finish the program! It will be a nice souvenir, isn’t it?

After finish preparing, Shisho (teacher) will explain what the Ninja is. This day, talkative Hanayashiki Ninzou and calm Hanayashiki Hanamaru were the teacher.

serimaru-hanayashiki-59serimaru-hanayashiki-03 serimaru-hanayashiki-04

During this program, you can learn 4 Ninja techniques. First one is “Sword handling techniques (Battou jutsu),” and they instruct how to use sword. The most difficult thing is to put sword back, because while you put it back, you can’t look at your sword. It is more difficult than imagine, so that Serimaru tried to cheat but Ninzou soon knew

Next page : Learn the 3 rest techniques!

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Address : Hanayasiki Street, 2-28-1, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Asakusa
TEL : 03-3842-5587



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