TGU Give Away : 3 Types of “Anime Contacts” to 3 Readers and Twinkle Your Eyes With Them!

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TGU Give Away : 3 Types of “Anime Contacts” to 3 Readers and Twinkle Your Eyes With Them!

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You can look like an anime character as precisely as possible by using cosplay and wigs, but we found something that will make you even more closer to the real thing! This dream item is finally on sale! They are Anime Contacts!


What’s new about these anime contacts is that it creates the glittery shiney eyes of anime characters as something 3D.
Many cute Japanese girls of animes have very glittery eyes. So this is something that many cosplayers should get!

There were 3 series released! We had our writer of Tokyo Girls Update Chika, who has visuals and a voice like a 2D character try them out!

1: “Ururu Eye”

It makes the eye look like it is full of liquid with the uruuru eyes!

package-anicon-001anime-contact-giveaway-02 anime-contact-giveaway-01

2: “Kirakira Eye”

It looks like your eyes are actually shining! Its not too flashy, so it creates the adult cute look.


3: “Kiratto Eye”

The two shines at the bottom makes your eyes look adorable!


These are only sold through the official online shop, but they will be starting to sell them to people abroad through the internet! We will let you know once they start, but for this month, we will be giving away the 3 types of the anime contacts to 3 readers!

But beforehand! These are something you will put into your eyes, please follow the rules for using them!

These Anime contacts are soft lenses that need to be changed once a month. Please put them on and take them off using clean hands. Take them off when you are going to sleep. If you feel there is something wrong with eyes, take the contacts off immediately and go to the eye doctor. More details on the manufacture Sincere (English available).

The present will be sent from the selling agency, Nihon Eden. If there is something wrong with the present that arrived, please contact through Anime Contact official website (e-mail :

Only premium members are able to apply the campaign. With premium membership, you can have full access to our premium contents including various idols’ live performance videos and exclusive photos! The first 10 days are free!

Apply here!

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Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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