Extremely Fashionable Elementary School Girls ~The Emergency Causing Lolicons to Cry!~

日本の小学生がおしゃれすぎる件 ~ロリコン泣かせの非常事態~
Extremely Fashionable Elementary School Girls ~The Emergency Causing Lolicons to Cry!~

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Japan’s Lolicon culture has been around since before 1000 years ago. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s been around since the era of “The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari).” In “The Tale of Genji,” there is a protagonist–Japan’s most famous playboy– who raises young Murasaki to his liking; but in current Japan, there is an emergency causes lolicons to cry.

That is because currently, Japan’s elementary school kids are losing their elementary school kid-characteristics. Until recently, the average elementary school student was described as black haired, makeup-less, shining youthful skin with carefree smiles–like Mana Ashida.She is one of the most famous Japanese elementary school-aged talents. Currently 10 years old.

But when anyone mentions elementary school girls now, they’re talking about the elementary school girls with curled hair, perfect makeup, walking around town in their fashionable outfits, high consciousness of beauty, and beauty processes equal to that of an adult. There’s even a shocking survey result that 79% of elementary school girls have with experience with makeup. It’s as if the gyaru phenomenon that took over Japan in the late 90s is revolving around elementary school girls.

img-joshi-syougakusei-fashion-06 img-joshi-syougakusei-fashion-01
Magazines targeted towards elementary school girls like JS Girl and Nicopuchi  are thought to have started this phenomenon. Terms like JK (used to describe high school girls, Joshi Kousei) are now applied to elementary girls. Now, there is “JS,” which stands for Joshi Shogakusei.
この「おしゃれすぎる小学生」の火付け役になったのが、小学生向けのファッション誌「JSガール」や「ニコプチ」だと言われている。かつて、女子高生を略して「JK」(=Joshi Kousei)などと呼んでいたのはもはや昔、今では女子小学生を「JS」(=Joshi Shogakusei)と呼ぶのが常識だという。

It’s shocking that it’s not just the name that transferred, but the culture as well. In TOKYO TOP KIDS COLLECTION , a fashion show centered around kids’ brands, there is a great stage in which JS models walk the runway.
呼び名だけでなく、文化そのものまで「JS」が「JK」化してきているというから驚きだ。キッズ向けブランドが集結したファッションショー「TOKYO TOP KIDS COLLECTION」では、ランウェイを歩く小学生離れした多数のJSモデルたちのすばらしいステージを見ることができる。

It’ll be interesting to see how the gyaru culture among the young girls will continue in the future. It is difficult to keep our eyes away from the ever-evolving JS, Japan’s newest fashion scene.

Written by Eri Goda
Translated by Misato

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