TokyoGirls'Update and Wota Featured in a new commercial of “Cupnoodle”, Modern Day Samurai! and Wota Featured in a new commercial of “Cupnoodle”, Modern Day Samurai!

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As of today, March 27th, are appearing in a new commercial, “Gendai no Samurai Hen (Modern Day Samurai Edition)”, for Nisshin Foods’ “Cupnoodle“.

The content of the commercial is a passionate scene of’s performance at a concert venue, and features the audience waving glow sticks. In addition to the theme of “Lord = Idol”, the image of the audience waving glow sticks, instead of swords, represents the “Modern Day SAMURAI”. 15-second and 30-second versions of the commercial, along with a making of video clip, are available for viewing on YouTube.

The commercial was filmed during the nation-wide tour,”WORLD WIDE DEMPA TOUR 2014″, after the end of the concert at ZeppFukuoka, and concert-goers participated as extras for the filming. The song used for the commercial was written by Kenichi Maeyamada and is a new song.

TVCM 15sec.

TVCM 30sec.

Behind the Scenes

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