Akishibu project Splash into Summer With MV/Teasers for “Abanchu!” and “Natsu Love”!

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Akishibu project Splash into Summer With MV/Teasers for “Abanchu!” and “Natsu Love”!

Akishibu project kick off the next chapter of their evolution with the MV/teasers for “Abanchu!” and “Natsu Love” from their double A-side 2nd single “Abanchu!/Natsu Love” (release date: August 30)!

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Akishibu project heat up summer once again in the MV for “Abanchu!”, the members wearing swimsuits while dancing around a pool and partying in a limousine. This is the first release for Akishibu project following the graduations of Ami Iseki (October 22, 2016 at Shibuya duo Music Exchange), Natsumi Ishikawa, Saori Funaki, and Yuuna Arakawa (July 27, 2017 at Akasaka BLITZ) and the addition of new members Ruka Okonogi, Yurina Kato, Mashiro Hoshino, and Mizuki Tsushiro.

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Here is a 30-second teaser for “Abanchu!” as well.

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Here is the teaser for “Natsu Love”, a cover of the 2009 hit song by Juliet.

“Abanchu!/Natsu Love” will be released in 3 different versions. Type-A includes the instrumentals for “Abanchu!” and “Natsu Love”. Type-B includes “Message to ID”, a solo song by Yue Miyatani. Type-C includes the bonus track “PEACE”.

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