In May of 2010 S/mileage made their major label debut with their single “Yumemiru Fifteen”. Then in October of 2011, S/mileage sub-members Kana Nakanishi, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, and Meimi Tamura became official members of the group, and S/mileage had their massively successful first solo concert at the Nippon Budokan. In December of 2014, with the arrival of three new members, Maho Aikawa, Rikako Sasaki, and Mizuki Murota, the group changed their name to ANGERME. During their November 29, 2015 performance at the Nippon Budokan, first generation member Kanon Fukuda graduated, new member, Moe Kamikokuryo, joining the group on November 11th.

Although Meimi Tamura has plans to graduate at their next Nippon Budokan performance on May 30th, ANGERME will release their fourth single “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku”/”Itoshima Distance”/”Koi nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru” on April 27th. Since this will be their last single with all nine members, Tokyo Girls’ Update sat down with all of them to ask them about the music video shoot for “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku”.

Contributor Wanted!!

Contributor Wanted!!


Kana Nakanishi/中西香菜さん


– Today, I would like to ask you about the new song, the upcoming concert tour, and the graduation of Meimi Tamura from the group. To begin with, I am asking each of the members to introduce one of the new songs we have chosen. May I ask you about “Itoshima Distance?”

Contributor Wanted!!

Kana: Of course! The subject of this song is the Itoshima seaside in Fukuoka. It’s is a very slow and sad ballad-like song that ANGERME has never released before. However we have funky costumes and hair arrangements, and surreal movements in the choreography. The song and the music video are in contrast to each other. For example, I am playing air guitar in the music video, but at the same time, there is a person playing air saxophone, and others abruptly start dancing ballet. I guess there was no similar music video offered by Hello! Project before so, on the contrary, it has a feeling of trying to provoke laughter.

– Indeed.

Kana: Don’t you think it’s more funny when you see a comedy and people are working in earnest, rather than working like “We’re acting funny, aren’t we?”


-That makes for a more surreal feeling.

Kana: Yes, the song is like that.

– I didn’t know it was a song trying to provoke a laugh!

Kana: Yeah, I hope people will enjoy watching it.(laugh)

– So, where do you think is the feature we should listen for in the song?

Kana: I guess it is the lyrics written in Fukuoka dialect. There are many different Fukuoka dialect words used in the lyrics such as ‘Suitouto(好いとうと)’ and “Yakedo Shikatanaiyan(やけど仕方ないやん),” but my favorite is ‘Suitouto!’

– I see. By the way, where are you from?

Kana: I’m from Osaka, so the dialects are pretty similar, like both have the suffix, ‘yan (やん).’ It feels really familiar when I sing this song.


– I see, thank you very much. Next, I would like to ask about the upcoming concert tour. I believe that the last tour, ‘Hyakka Ryoran’, was the first nationwide concert tour for ANGERME. Since this is the second Japan-wide concert tour, and the group has become one of nine members, do you think you have somehow developed, matured, or have changed since the last tour?

Kana: Yeah. When we were having the last Hyakka Ryoran tour, we had Kanon Fukuda, who is now graduated. Now, we have our new member, Moe Kamikokuryo. I used to be called a “poor student” by Tsunku♂, however he encouraged me by saying it like, I have “room for growth” instead, but I just had few a parts to sing in a song. However, after the graduation of Kanon, everything had greatly changed. For this “Kyuui Ittai” concert tour, I was able to get many parts to sing.


– Wow, so you are getting more skilled!

Rina: I’m still learning. I didn’t get skilled by myself enough, but the song made me skilled.


– Really? I guess you got skilled, and then the singing parts came after.

Kana: Well, I think many people have no image of me singing, but I do sing more this time, so I want them to pay attention to that. Also, I do speak a lot during MC. Because my hometown is Osaka, where people talk a lot, I talk quite a lot. Also, I would like people to pay attention on our pretty new member, Moe Kamikokuryo.


– Thank you. Next, I would like to ask for a short message to your fellow member, Meimi Tamura, since she is graduating on the last day of the concert tour.

Kana: Meimei (Meimi) is very important to me. When we second generation members were still sub-members, we stayed in the same hotel and spent precious time together. All of the members of ANGERME are important to me, but I have the most special feelings about her. One of our memories is the incident when I was locked out from the hotel room while Meimei was sleeping. In the morning, I tried to wake her up but she kept sleeping, that I got so panicked and went out the door in my pajamas. Then I noticed that the door was auto-locked. Now if I think about it, it is laughable, but I was so panicked at that time. She is the one who I experienced this kind of time with together.(laugh)


Her graduation makes me uneasy, or should I say disappointed? However I’m hoping for her success as a musical actress. I would like her to graduate with peace of mind.

– Is there something you would like to do with Meimi before she graduates?

Kana: I want to hang out with all four second generation members for at least three more times. I want to spend time with all four of us even after she graduates.

– All of the CDs released by ANGERME have gotten second place on the Oricon charts. Do you have any special thoughts about getting first place?

Kana: Getting second place is a great thing, but I wish if we could get first place before the graduation of Meimi. This is the first time that our producer, Tsunku♂, has written the music and lyrics for us, and this is the first single CD for Moe Kamikokuryo. It is a very special CD, so I want to have a good result.


– So you have graduated from high school this year. Do you have any enthusiasm?

Kana: I often commit blunders, like banging into the clear glass, falling on flat surfaces, spilling out all the things in my backpack, and so on. I don’t think this would get well, but producer Tsunku♂ had encouraged me that I look matured when I shut up. Also I think that people would think it was just an accident even I mess up, if my first impression was good. (laugh) Since I’m turning 19 years old this year, and have been appointed as a sub-leader, I would like to make my first impression better.

– Thank you very much. Finally, may I ask for a comment to the foreign fans?


Kana: I feel a great continuous support from the foreign fans since we were S/milage and many of them came to our handshake events in Japan. We were asked for an overseas live since then but, we have never been able to do it. We will try our best to go meet with the fans outside Japan this year, so please support us. Our group name, ANGERME, is a French coined word, so France is one of the places I would really like to visit. If I could not go France as my job, then I will travel to France privately this year!(laugh)

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