Rin Kaname is a part of the six-member group Baseball Girls, and also plays Perorin-sensei, currently gaining attention for her illustrations centering on situations otaku can easily relate to. Perorin-sensei’s experiences as an idol expressed in the wotaku she draws have resonated with many fans, and a growing number of them have made her illustrations their Twitter icons. The popular idol has over 40,000 followers on Twitter. This time Tokyo Girls’ Update is sitting down with her for a quick chat about what to look forward to as she pursues a variety of different activities.


– First, tell us about the story behind the name Perorin-sensei!

P: A while back the word “tehepero” (a way of saying “My bad!” and sticking your tongue out in embarrassment) was popular slang, right? At the time I was using the name perorinko on sites like mixi (a popular Japanese SNS site like Facebook or MySpace), and wondered what I should do for my idol name. I thought maybe I should use Perorinko for it, too. But then another member asked me, “Doesn’t Perorinko sound a little weird?” and told me Perorin sounded better so I went with that instead. (laugh)


– I see. (laugh) Rin Kaname is also a pretty uncommon name, isn’t it.

P: It’s my stage name. When I was first trying to decide on one I was trying to come up with something that sounded the coolest. But now I regret not coming up with something more simple. (laugh).

– When did you start drawing illustrations as Perorin-sensei?

P: Around this summer.

– So only somewhat recently, then. How do you come up with material to draw?

P: I draw from my own experiences or stories I’ve heard from the other members or other idols. There are a lot of people who forget what they tell me. I’ll make an illustration about something someone said and that person will reply like, “Oh there are people who really say things like that?” (laugh)

– How do you usually draw your pictures?

P: I always draw them in a notebook like this. I take a picture with my smartphone and use an editing app for LINE to remove the notebook page lines. (laugh)



– But don’t the lines get in your way?

P: Personally, having lines (in the notebook) makes it easier for me to draw…! (laugh)

– Is there anything you’d like to try out with illustrating?

P: From around junior high, I’ve liked anime and vocaloid MVs so I’d love to do a MV or something like that.

– Your illustrations have created quite a buzz on Twitter! How do you feel now that you’ve reached over 40,000 followers?

P: I’m happy; if all of my followers were to come see me, we could do a concert in Saitama Super Arena… (laugh)


– You’re right. (laugh) But your T-shirts are quite rare so they’d be difficult to get.

P: People often complain to me about it (that they couldn’t get one). (laugh) There are people living in rural areas that want one but can’t buy one, so I’m thinking I’d like to try selling them online.

– I’ve heard your “homework polaroids (cheki)” are pretty high quality.

P: Basically anything you don’t finish while selling goods becomes homework. So when I have time it’s “homework polaroids!” which they tell me not to go around saying so much, but I found a roundabout way of saying it. (laughs)

– It’s kind of something happy to worry about, then. (laugh) By the way, I often feel like I see you wearing fried egg goods, but what is that all about?


P: I like how fried eggs look. I like how eggs look when they’re broken, but when it comes to eating them I like hard-boiled eggs best. Also if I don’t wear anything with fried eggs on it at concerts, a lot of people won’t realize that it’s me. (laugh) So I kind of wear it like a trademark.

– I feel like the fried egg motif has recently become trendy around Harajuku.

P: I was first! Or at least I earnestly believe that I was. (laugh) I really like the fried egg sushi motif.

– Speaking of which, which fried egg you like better? Sunny side up or over medium?

P: Definitely sunny side up! I don’t like the center being hard because it makes me thirsty. (laugh) I drink a lot; like two or three glasses of tea with every meal. (laugh)


Then she did something we’re unbelievably grateful for! Perorin-sensei drew some special illustrations just for Tokyo Girls’ Update!! They’re about wotaku from overseas, who are much more straightforward with their feelings than most Japanese.


Wotaku : I’m so happy to meet you. I’ll come and see you again. Idol : I’m so glad! Thank you!


Wotaku : I love you more than anyone else in the entire world.


Idol : He was here before, too!


Idol : I guess he says “I love you” to everyone.

One-man Live (Solo Concert) Information
Baseball Girls 2nd One-man Live (Solo Concert)
Date: January 11, 2016
Venue: Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
*Check Perorin sensei’s Twitter for the ticket information!


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