Being on hiatus on April 2016 and resuming their activity the next month, Baseball girls, also known as Beboga! (Niji no Conquistador Yellow Group), performed at “Idol Yokocho Natsu Matsuri!!~2016~” as the yellow group from Niji no Conquistador on July 2. As Perorin Sensei (Rin Kaname)’s illustration created a buzz on Twitter and raised name recognition of the group, this time we interviewed about her thoughts on joining the Nijicon family and her future ambitions.


—Nice to meet you again. Are Baseball girls now members of Niji no Conquistador?

Kaname: “Niji no Conquistador” is an idol from pixiv production, and the yellow group in Niji no Conquistador is “Beboga!”.


-I see. I assume that you’ve been drawing illustrations for a long time, but did you feel like your time has come when you heard about joining pixiv production?

Kaname:I was really happy. When I was a student, my best friend used to contribute illustrations to pixiv, and she used to send the posted pictures to me too. pixiv is full of illustrations that I love, so I was very glad when I heard about it.


-When Baseball girls announced resuming their activities, were you already ready to apply?

Kaname:I saw the information that pixiv production will recruit members of Niji no Conquistador yellow group. It said that they will make a new group and applicants can be former idols, so we decided to apply.

-Oh, so you applied.

Kaname: Yes.

-Then maybe other idols might have become the yellow group.

Kaname: I guess so.

-It was a great timing then. You also designed the costume right? Did you have that kind of opportunity when you were in Baseball girls too?

Kaname: We used to look for clothes in shops, so we didn’t have an original costume. But we were longing to have one, a one full of originality (laugh). So I secretly wrote down some ideas, submit them, and they made the costumes based on my ideas! Costumes really change our performance emotion wise and motivation wise. The members were delighted and told me “The costume is super cute!!”, and I thought that might have raised their motivation.


-I believe pixiv production is a place that grants your wishes. By the way, do you have any plans doing a one-man live?

Kaname: Not yet. Right now we’re working hard towards the Tokyo Idol Festival in August and @JAM in September.

-So you put importance valuing each live rather than increasing the number of times being held.

Kaname: Yes, there were times when the lives became something usual, when I didn’t want it to become a common thing. Now I feel like I’m able to value each live.

-How’s the response from the publisher on “Idol to Otaku Daikenkyuu Dokuhon”? I believe it was the first time for you to publish a book, but did you have more illustrations to upload on Twitter after you got the book out?


“Idol to Otaku Daikenkyuu Dokuhon”

Kaname: Yeah, I think I draw more pictures, other than deformed illustrations too. Deformed illustration was something that I started as “Perorin Sensei”, and I used to draw anime illustrations when I was a student, so I wanted to show that I can draw these genres too. (laugh) I want to draw all sorts of things. (laugh)


-It’s very high-quality. But a bit otaku-ish (laugh).

Kaname: I know, it’s an Akiba-type illustration (laugh).

-Do you want to continue your career as an illustrator? Or are there any other things you want to challenge?

Kaname: I have a lot of things I want to try, but I want to manage both idol and illustration. You know, we can do a collaboration between idol and illustration. For example, I was thinking it would be great if I could include my illustration in our group’s MV. This isn’t something that’s decided, its only my ambition! (laugh)


-I see. So integrating illustration in your activities as an idol.

Kaname: Yes. I dream of having my illustration of Beboga! in stations, like how Mel Kishida drew illustrations of Wa→suta and had them posted in stations (laugh).

-I recognize Nemoto-san from Niji no conquistador drawing illustrations, but do you have rival feeling towards her?

Kaname: I have more feelings of sympathy rather than rivalry. We have common characteristics like drawing illustrations, sometimes wearing bikinis, and having a lot of “zaitaku” fans (fans that stay home).

Everyone : (Laugh)

Kaname: So I want to continue being on good terms with her, but at the same time I feel like it shouldn’t be just a peaceful relationship, so I’ll do my best to be more aware of her presence.

-You’re not going to be in bikinis anymore?

Kaname: I’m interested in gravure jobs like the ones Nemo-chan do. Plus, some of my followers say “When are you gonna upload your pictures in bikini~?” (laugh).


-Are there any desires in what kind of group Beboga! wants to be, as well as characteristics that you want people to know?

Kaname: Yes. Around the beginning when Beboga! was formed, we used to fight a lot, and there were times when we didn’t get on well. I never had dance lessons before but learned the choreography, and I was so bad a singing too. But because the fans supported me, I was able to come this far. Because we had a lot of fights, we became really close now and even members of Niji no conquistador say to us “You really get along with each other!” We started off from the minus point, but we’ve been improving our singing and dancing, so I want to continue stepping up with ambition.

-That’s wonderful. It seems like you’ve attained enlightenment. I think the foreign otaku will be glad if you post more illustrations as many of them make their social media’s icon as your illustration and retweet your posts!

Kaname: I saw some foreign people at my release event, but I couldn’t speak English and didn’t know what they were saying at all. I was only able to say the 3 words “YES!” “OK!” and “THANK YOU!”, so that increased my desire to study more not only on the Japanese culture but also the foreign otaku culture.


-It’s interesting when you look into the tendency of otaku in each country (laugh). Like the French express so much love with poems (laugh).

-Now, can you tell us the highlight of your 2nd one-man DVD on sale?

Contributor Wanted!!

Kaname: We’re not good at singing and dancing as the other idols, but I hope you can sense our earnest effort. I’m happy if the people watching the DVD can understand our appreciation towards them, and our spirit that we will continue working harder!

When we say Perorin Sensei, the first thing we imagine is illustration. This time, she drew an illustration with the theme of foreign otaku!

In the previous interview, Perorin Sensei mentioned that she draws illustrations on a lined notebook and posts them on twitter after delete the lines with an editing app.

Featured Interview with Perorin Sensei : An illustrator-Idol Drawing Idol Otaku Situations

We asked her once again, and now she said that she writes her illustrations on a plain notebook. This time, we prepared a tablet “Bamboo Spark” that operates together with a smart phone, and received the illustration that she drew on the spot.

img_perorin-27 img_perorin-28 img_perorin-26 img_perorin-30 img_perorin-31

Bamboo Spark :

Perorin Sensei mentions that the smile of foreign otaku is impressive. Maybe the foreign otaku don’t become depressed because there’s less opportunity meeting Perorin Sensei? She drew us an illustration of a Japanese otaku becoming depressed each time they come see her, opposing with the foreign otaku…!

Japanese wota / 日本のヲタク

Japanese wota / 日本のヲタク

Foreign wota / 海外のヲタク

Foreign wota / 海外のヲタク

2nd One-man live DVD information (July 20 on sale)
Live DVD “2nd One-man live~Masakari Touhoujidai~”
“Kakki-n!” With the venue full of cheers and tears, they promised to make a leap forward. Baseball Girls succeeded in their one-man live, gathering 10 times the audiences they had one year ago. The special one-man live has become a DVD.

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