Even Japan, the developed idol country, has never heard of an idol rap group until the debut of “tengal6”. The group was formed in 2010, and in 2012, they made their debut on T-Palette Records, the idol specialty label of Tower Records. At the same time, the name was changed to “lyrical school”. From their debut, lyrical school has been an essential existence in the idol world and even had a sold-out “one-man live” at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM in November of 2014. We interviewed the members about the unique experiences from around the time of their debut and their new album, “SPOT” which was released on March 10th, 2015.
アイドル先進国の日本でも例のなかったアイドルラップグループ「tengal6」として2010年に活動を始め、後に「lyrical school」に名前を変えて2012年TOWER RECORDSのアイドル専門レーベルT-Palette Recordsからデビュー。その後2014年11月の恵比寿リキッドルームでのワンマンライブを満員にするなど、アイドルシーンにおいて不可欠な存在となったlyrical school。その結成当時のユニークなエピソードと2015年3月10日にリリースされる最新アルバム「SPOT」についてインタビューしました。

hina: My name is Hina Komatsu. I was born on June 5th, 1996. I am the youngest member. My favorite food is avocado, and like to read manga and watch movies and talking about those things with the fans after the live. Please come to our live when visiting Japan. Thank you!



mei: My name is Mei. I was born on April, 11, 1991. My color is red and pink. I am the shortest member, but I am also the one who is the most active. For those of who have never come to see us before, they can watch my call and response to enjoy the live. My favorite Japanese anime character is “BonoBono”. It would be nice if you keep that fact in mind. Thank you.



yumi: Hello, I am Yumi Shimizu, who likes to eat rice. I was born on September 19, 1990. In my introduction rap, it says that I eat five meals a day, but this was when I was a university student. These days, I exercise too. I like sushi by the way. I was a student at an art university and sushi was the theme for my graduation work. Please remember that “whenever one hears Japan, it imagines sushi, and at the same time whenever one hears sushi, it imagines yumi”. My nickname is “Yuzumi”. Thank you.
清水裕美です。1990年9月19日生まれです。ご飯を食べるのが好きです。自己紹介のラップにも「一日五食」とあるんですけど、それは大学時代の話で、最近はちゃんと運動もしてます。中でもお寿司が大好きです。大学が美術大学だったんですけど、卒業制作はお寿司をモチーフにした作品を作りました。「日本といえばお寿司、お寿司と言ったらlyrical schoolの裕美」って覚えてくださると嬉しいです(笑)あだ名は「ゆみずさん」です。よろしくお願いします。



ayaka: I am the leader of this group, ayaka. I was born August 31, 1990. I am a big fan of Japanese idols, such as Ayami Muto, Dorothy Little Happy, and UPUPGIRLS (KARI). Also, my new recommended idol group is “Hakoiri♡Musume (an innocent girl of a good family)” that has great facial expressions, since they used to dream about becoming actresses. My recent worry is that even though I have a precious nickname, “a.k.a Princess” but, 90% of the people call me “Oobusan”! Please come and see lyrical school live! We are waiting to meet you!
リーダーのayakaです。1990年8月31日生まれです。私はアイドルがすごい好きで、おすすめアイドルは、武藤彩未ちゃんと、Dorothy Little Happyと、アップアップガールズ(仮)と、最近のおすすめはハコイリ♡ムスメで、元々女優を目指してる女の子たちがアイドルグループを作って、表情だったり表現力が本当に素晴らしいなと思います。最近の悩みは「a.k.a プリンセス」と言う素敵なあだ名があるのに、「大部(おおぶ)さん」と9割の方に呼ばれることです。ぜひlyrical schoolのライブにも遊びに来てください。お待ちしてまーす。



ami: My name is Ami Hosokoshi. I was born on July 5th, 1991, and am 23 years old. My member color is orange and yellow. I love cats, which I have six. Because I adore them soo much that I made my twitter name “Aminyan (@aminyan75). Recently, I have been using the ending word “nyasu” instead of “nyan!” Also, the radio show at FM ODAWARA is broadcasted all over the world, so please listen to it since we play our songs and other idol groups’ songs too. We wish you could come to our live too!! Thank you!
細越麻未です。誕生日が1991年7月5日、23歳です。メンバーカラーがオレンジ、黄色です。猫がすごい好きで6匹飼ってるんですけど、好きすぎて自分のtwitterネームも「あみにゃん(@aminyan75)」なんですけど”にゃん”ってキャラクターじゃなくて、最近は”にゃす”って使ってます(笑)あと、FM ODAWARAさんのラジオをやらせていただいてるんですけど、それが全世界で聴けるのでよかったら聴いてみてください。そこでもlyrical schoolの曲や他のアイドルさんの曲も流してます。そしてぜひlyrical schoolのライブにも遊びにも来て下さい。よろしくお願いします。



minan: Hi, I’m minan. I was born on December 5th, 1990 and am 24 years old now. My member color is purple, and am the tallest member of the group. I love to sing. I’m from Gunma which is the countryside of Japan. All of the members have different characteristics and we want to meet you all, so please come visit Japan! Thank you!



-I think there was no idol group that carries “rap” as its concept before lyrical school.
日本でアイドルラップグループとして活動している人ってlyrical schoolさんの前にはいなかったと思うんですが。

ayaka: In the beginning, no.

mei: It was definitely hard since there was no example to follow. Like the call and responses. We questioned how to warm up the live in the first place.

ayaka: Because there was no example, we had to do what we thought was right. So we discussed it a lot.

-So the first performances were kind of dead?

ayaka: We performed at a lot of places with very few people in the audience.

ami: Now, each and every song has dance moves that the audience can follow but, the first dance moves were too small, so we were worried how the audience would react to it.

-When did the crowds start getting excited?

yumi: I believe it was the time when we performed the song, “Pucchahenza! (Put your hands up!)” The song was easy to understand, and the name of the group at that time, “tengal6” and name of the members were part of the lyrics, which might have made it easier to go with the music.

yumi: There might have been some people who got interested since tofubeats created the lyrics and the music for “Pucchahenza!” He’s very famous in the club world.

Contributor Wanted!!

mei: For me, it is “machigau (make a mistake)”. After the first single release, the audience had seen and memorized the lyrics, which led to the increase of people doing the call and response.

-When was the first CD release starting from the group’s formation?

mei: It was about 6 months after we became a group.

-Then it was groping around before that.

mei: Yes. We did not have many songs at that time.

-What do you think the differences of basic hip-hop and rap are compared to the idol rap that lyrical school is doing?
普通のヒップホップやラップとlyrical schoolがやっている”アイドルラップ”の違うところってどんなところだと思ってますか?

mei: It might be off topic but, we have never done rap before lyrical school was formed. So, it feels like our development appears to be the definition of “idol rap”. The song does not have too many differences compared to normal hip-hop, I guess.

yumi: It doesn’t mean that doing “idol rap” connects to idols or hip-hop. Yet, it means that we are idols and singing hip-hop at the same time. So, it’s hard to put in words to summarize what “idol rap” is.

hina: It is difficult. Idols are now existing together closely with the fans, and I believe, since we can call ourselves idols, fans might feel rap is a familiar thing to listen to.


-Are there some kinds of groups that you aim to be like?
lyrical schoolにとって目標や理想にしているグループいますか?

yumi: When we first knew that lyrical school would be a rap idol group, the first person that I imagined was HALCALI, but because the style is different, they might not be a good example to mention.
一番最初に「ラップをする」って言われて、女の人のラップで最初に聴いたのはHALCALIさんを聴きましたけど、lyrical schoolとは全然違うのであまり参考にはならなそうですよね(笑)

-I have a strong image of lyrical school that you guys have close relationship with the fans. Didn’t you go on a snowboarding tour for a fan club event?
lyrical schoolさんはファンの方とすごく仲がいいのが印象的なんですが、この間はイベントでファンとスノボツアー行ってましたよね。

All: Yes, we did (lol).

-What do your fans mean to you?

ami: It might feel weird, but we believe they are like family. How we feel about them is definitely because of our fans’ frankness.

ayaka: Heads (name for lyrical school fans) have good attitudes during the show and that is the reason why we can do these kind of events.

mei: We strongly appreciate and are impressed about how our fans treat others. They always come to our lives, and have no bad attitudes that annoy the fans of other groups. We trust in our fans, and that is the important factor in having such an event.

yumi: We each understand that we believe each other which brings us to have these kinds of relationships.

-Do you want to have that kind of event again?

All: We do.

mei: It is the only time to show appreciation to the fans for cheering on this group.

yumi: In the past, we had a picnic but, it would be nice to have these kinds of events every year.

-lyrical school provides lots of cute merchandise for the fans. How do you feel about them?
lyrical schoolはグッズもかわいい物のが多いんですが、メンバーの皆さんはどんな風に思ってますか?



mei: I think it’s genius (lol).

All: LOL

ami: We want to own all of them, but in reality we cannot. So, when we look at the fans with it, we admire them.

mei: It is a good lesson to see female fans wearing our clothing.

yumi: Of course the design but, it’s also practical so I wear it normally.

minan: It’s so cute! If I wasn’t in the group, I strongly agree that I would buy all of them and collect it so, I am so thankful that I’m in lyrical school.

-What are your favorite items?

hina: My favorite is the cap with the “I.D.O.L.R.A.P” logo.


ayaka: I was so happy when the totebag went on sale. I was like, “I can use this!!”

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