Teen Fashion Makeup Artist YUZUKO Reveals the Secrets Behind the Latest Japanese Trends in New Book “CANDY MAKE”!

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Teen Fashion Makeup Artist YUZUKO Reveals the Secrets Behind the Latest Japanese Trends in New Book “CANDY MAKE”!

Photos by Ken Ogawa (Will Creative)

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The latest addition to the world of Japanese girls’ makeup is “CANDY MAKE”, a must-have book released by popular makeup artist YUZUKO, known for her work in teen fashion magazines like Popteen and Ranzuki!

In “CANDY MAKE”, YUZUKO shows off a variety of colorful, sweet, and glossy makeup styles gracing the faces of trendy young women all over Japan.


Cover girl : Elaiza Ikeda

You can be anyone with all the different looks included in the book, ranging from
the sensual “Chocolate Candy Make” to “Milk Candy Make” which gives the skin a soft fresh look almost like a baby! Here are some examples of looks created by YUZUKO below.


“Chocolate Candy Make”/ Model: Chisato Yoshiki

“Chocolate Candy Make” – Projected to be trending in 2016, this look noticeably does without the use of blush on the cheeks. The eyeliner is sharp on the ends, combining with the pink eyeshadow to give off a cool and sweet appearance. Of particular note is that no black color is used in this look. The eyeliner is brown.


“Milk Candy Make”/Model: Yumika Hirao

“Milk Candy Make” – A look that only takes 5 minutes to complete, it looks super natural and innocent as if you are not wearing any make-up, yet uses special techniques to make the eyes appear rounder like a cute baby animal! Natural make-up gives off a fresh and approachable feeling so it is recommended for going on dates!

In addition to introducing special styles suggested by YUZUKO, there are also many basic techniques for beginners included as well. Learn how to make your skin appear smooth and glossy, draw eye-lines decently, and other essential techniques for letting your inner beauty truly shine!

If you want to try the latest looks in Japanese girls’ makeup, “CANDY MAKE” is a must-have item! Filled with pictures showing step by step tutorials for each look, even those who don’t read Japanese should be able to learn some valuable beauty tips!

Main models : Chisato Yoshiki, Yumika Hirao
Guest models : Nicole Fujita, Yui Kanno, Nana Kato, Natsuumy, Risa Nakamura

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