TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014 press conference! Welcome overseas fans!

TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014 press conference!  Welcome overseas fans!

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On May 2nd, it press conference was held at pre-live event of “Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF) 2014”.
This time, the detail was cleared one after another. First, the expansion of the collaboration plan 2nd, the announcement of next line-up, and the plan of local dol. In addition, recording in 4K camera which the resolution is four times than HDTV,ticket sales to foreign countries, and also the stage was expanded, roof of Fuji TV Gulf stage, Odaiba New World 2014, West Promenade, DiverCity-Tokyo Plaza. There is a lots of contents more than last year.

From May 2, lottery sales of the earliest preceding ticket has started!
Acceptance period is until June 2nd, and it is able to get TIF2014 novelty at only that purchase.

This year’s theme is “Come and Watch and Feel TIF2014”.
About the expansion of the collaboration plan between idol, It will be performed “Idoling!!! Collaboration 10 Renpatsu” by Idoling!!! and also there seems to be a surprise announcement of the day. Plan of local Idol, it might become the situation that local Idol accounts for about 30% of the total cast.

This time, following the first announcement, set of 33 groups decided to participate to at the second announcement. It was decided that a total 71 Idol groups appear. In TIF 2013, a total 111 idol groups appeared.
We can expect to announce additional idols!

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