Sure to Be Fooled at Least Once! Enjoy Japanese Trick Art at The “Tokyo Trick Art Museum”

Sure to Be Fooled at Least Once! Enjoy Japanese Trick Art at The “Tokyo Trick Art Museum”
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Trick art is sure to entertain you with it’s fascinating 3D paintings and optical illusions. Trick art is enjoyed all around the world but at “Tokyo Trick Art Museum” in Odaiba DECKS Tokyo Beach you can enjoy original works from Japan!


Not a moment later after entering the museum, Tina found herself in a pinch! She was trapped in a wine glass, thinking she was about to be eaten by Dracula! But in actual fact it was just trick art! But if you check out her photo, it really does look like she’s been trapped, doesn’t she?!


Next Tina went into the Mysterious Arena. In this room, if you move back and forth this is what happens! Your height changes! Here Tina’s photos were taken through a window. Anyone that stands on the left side will appear shorter while someone that stands on the right side will appear taller so it might be even more fun to come to this room with at least one other friend or family member.

img-guide-trickart-04 img-guide-trickart-07

The next area Tina entered was the Tea Room With a Strange Mirror (Karakuri Chashitsu). It appeared to be just a beautifully designed room, but something felt out of place. Tina was soon in for a great surprise because as she gazed upon a mirror on the wall, she realised that her reflection was no where to be found!


Tina then went on to check out other trick art such as the Long-necked Monster (Rokurokubi), Chasing (Oikakekko), Spider’s Nest (Kumo no Su), Tea House Mistress (Shinsetsu no Okamisan), and Raging Horse ( Edo no Abarenbou). After viewing them all she muttered under her breath, “Humans are so easily tricked…”.


At the Tokyo Trick Art Museum there are English explanations for each of the different displays so there’s no need to worry about the chance of being unable to understand how to enjoy the art there. Seeing the trick art with your own eyes alone is more than enough fun but if you want to truly take advantage of the art and each work’s tricky features, don’t forget to bring your camera!

img-guide-trickart-09 img-guide-trickart-10

※TrickArt is a registered trade mark of the public company Esu De.

Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Tokyo Trick Art Museum
Address : DECKS Tokyo Beach Island mall 4F, Daiba 1-6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Odaiba Kaihin Kouen
TEL : 03-3599-5191



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