SENTO GIRL – Takarayu x Kanako Hiramatsu vol.1–

SENTO GIRL vol.1 -タカラ湯×平松可奈子
SENTO GIRL – Takarayu x Kanako Hiramatsu vol.1–

Sento are public bathhouses which have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. Many of you may be familiar with them because of the Ghibli animated film “Spirited Away” (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi). Onsen are a popular variant of a sento where the water is heated by natural hot springs. Sento were often a place where people in neighborhoods would gather back when many homes in Japans did not have bathrooms. However, the number of sento throughout Japan have been decreasing with the construction of new homes. Visiting a sento is a great way to refresh one’s body and mind while experiencing traditional Japanese culture!


A sento may be worlds away from a lot of the latest Japanese culture usually featured on Tokyo Girl’s Update, but there have been some signs of it regaining popularity among the youth in Japan. With the cooperation of TOKYO SENTO, we begin our journey into this unique and comforting world at one of the most well known sento in Tokyo, Kita-Senju’s Takarayu. These photos are the result of a collaboration between yume-kawaii model/designer Kanako Hiramatsu and photographer and Miss iD 2016 semifinalist mitfo.

sento-girl-vol1-free-01 sento-girl-vol1-free-02

One of the highlights of Takarayu is the lovely Japanese-style garden, Nihon Teien. The plants are well maintained and there is even a small pond full of carp swimming about, for an added touch of elegance.


SENTO GIRL will be in 3 series and vol.1 is the roughly introduction of Takarayu with Kanaoko Hiramatsu. For vol.2 coming up on December 22nd, we will show more pictures of inside sento, and for vol.3 to be released on December 29th we will more focus on Kanako’s portrait photos in the sento.


sento-girl-vol1-premium-03 sento-girl-vol1-premium-02 sento-girl-vol1-premium-01 sento-girl-vol1-premium-04 sento-girl-vol1-premium-05

Staffs credit
Model : Kanako Hiramatsu
Photo :mitfo
Hair & make : hitomi

Sento Information
Opening hours : 15:00~24:00
*Regularly closed on Fridays

Collaborated project with


Address : Motomachi27-1, Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Kita-Senju
TEL : 03-3881-2660



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