SENTO GIRL – Teikokuyu x Shuku Mari – vol.3

SENTO GIRL -帝国湯×祝茉莉- vol.3
SENTO GIRL – Teikokuyu x Shuku Mari – vol.3

Sento are public bathhouses which have been a part of traditional Japanese culture for centuries, but with the cooperation of TOKYO SENTO, we have begun our journey into the unique and comforting world of Sento as “SENTO GIRL” photograph project!


For the series vol.3, we have visited Teikokuyu in Arakawa-ku, welcoming miss iD 2015 Shuku Mari as a model. (See vol.1 & vol.2)

shukumari-vol3-free-2 shukumari-vol3-free-1

Takarayu was build in Taisho era, almost 100 years ago. Very historical, but still charming. One of the attractive features that only regular visitors know is, that you can see beautiful moon from the skylight only from women’s bath. How romantic! This is special for only women, but for men, you can have snow‐scene viewing experience when it’s snowing during winter!


These photos are the result of a collaboration between Sento lover model Shuku Mari, photographer and Miss iD 2016 semifinalist mitfo and hair make-up artist hitomi. We want to show you Sento’s new appeal through the collaboration of these wonderful creators!


shukumari-vol3-premium-03shukumari-vol3-premium-04 shukumari-vol3-premium-05 shukumari-vol3-premium-06shukumari-vol3-premium-02 shukumari-vol3-premium-01

How was the SENTO GIRL with Shuku Mari?  Do you feel like to visit Teikokuyu someday?  I hope you could experience the renaissance of Sento! Who do you want to be a model for SENTO GIRL next? Let us know if you have request!

Staffs credit
Model : Shuku Mari :
Photo :mitfo
Hair & make : hitomi

Sento Information
Opening hours : 15:00~24:00
*Regularly closed on Mondays

Collaborated project with


Address : Higashi-Nippori 3-22-3, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Mikawajima
TEL : 03-3891-4637



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