Pompompurin’s World View Overflows! Don’t Miss to Go the Special Café in Harajuku

Pompompurin’s World View Overflows!   Don’t Miss to Go the Special Café in Harajuku
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Café featuring Pompompurin opened on the Takeshita Street at Harajuku in October 2014! The concept of the café is cozy space like Pompompurin inviting his friends to the café. Let’s go in right away!

There were so many people making line in front of the café. We saw many visitors were wearing beret inside and outside the café(A beret is the trademark of Pompompurin)!


When we entered there, we saw a full of Pompompurin motif decorations! For Lighting cover, wall decorations, desks, and chairs…so cute!!





The clerk showed us to our table and we seated. The tablecloth was really cute, also the menu was.



Everyone around us were taking pictures to keep these cute interiors in memories (Of course we did that too, so couldn’t get to have meals)!

We ordered four meals below!


Pompompurin’s Mild Beef stroganoff. (990Yen)

The part of beret is patty! That’s hearty meal.


The Purin Mountain’s Otsukimi Loco Moco. (1290Yen)

Onion ring and salad and beef patty! It’s good for kids.


Pompompurin’s Banana caramel pancakes (1200Yen)

The three layers of slightly sweet pancakes and little bitter caramel!


Lovely Hot Marshmallow latte (790Yen)

Perfect for cold season! In warm and sweet, the taste made us settle down.

SAORI exploded in joy to have Beef stroganoff. The part of rice is exactly Pompompuin’s yellow! So cute! Though she said it was too cute to eat, but anyway she ate it immediately as she was starved!  Very mild taste, and she had it completely.



What we got with drink was the original coaster! It’s too nice to get wet, so most of the customers didn’t use it and put it in the bag to bring it  to home.(When we interviewed them, that’s limited Christmas version.)


Food and beverage are not all for Pompompurin cafe!  There is area which sells Pompompurin goods. Don’t miss this café’s limited items!

It was so dreamy space, Pompompurin café. For dating or girls’ party…enjoy time of healing here!

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Pompompurin Cafe
Address : CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU 3F, 1-7-1, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-5786-0770



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