Experience Bathing in Real Hot Springs in Tokyo! Make Your Day a Perfect one by Spending at “Ooedo Onsen Monogatari”?

Experience Bathing in Real Hot Springs in Tokyo! Make Your Day a Perfect one by Spending at “Ooedo Onsen Monogatari”?
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If you visit Japan and want to try bathing in a hot spring, many believe that you need to travel a bit of a ways out of Tokyo in order to do so. But in Odaiba in Tokyo, there is a theme park called “Ooedo Onsen Theme Park”, where you can experience bathing in hot springs!



After entering the theme park, you firstly receive a special yukata to wear during your time there. You can choose your favourite yukata from a variety of different designs and wear it around the park. Our reporter Alisa also changed into a yukata that she liked.

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You are welcome to spend your time at the theme park how you choose, but of course we recommend that you bathe in one of the many hot springs on offer first. The natural hot springs use water that has been pumped up from 1400 meters below the ground, and has a reputation for being very pleasurable and relaxing. All together they have indoor baths, outdoor baths and even a sauna.


Our reporter Alisa first tried bathing her feet in the foot bath. As both men and women are able to use this bath, couples can enjoy it together. Alisa commented with deep satisfaction after putting her feet in the bath, “By having my feet warmed up, my whole body seems to feel so warm now!” The foot bath area has been beautifully designed to not only look great with its river-like design, but is also a great place to relax.


The great thing about Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is that it doesn’t just offer hot springs. At their relaxation space, you can enjoy a taste of the charms of Edo’s low-lying area, where there are plenty of different places to eat and hang out. Arisa chose to try her hand at the shuriken throwing challenge that was on offer at the park! Despite being just a beginner, she quickly got the knack of it and most of her throws hit their targets. Alisa was so good that she shocked the shuriken challenge staff. What’s more is that there are not only traditional games to play but even crane games and purikura (Japanese-style photo booths) so you won’t get bored even if you spend the whole day at the park.



For those who want to enjoy the park and what it has to offer to the fullest, you can even stay overnight there. You can even stay in a luxurious room, complete with your very own private outdoor bath! As it is very difficult to experience all of Ooed Oonsen Monogatari’s activities in just one day, we highly recommend that you try their overnight stay option and take your time with exploring the park and experiencing all that it has to offer.


Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Ooedo Onsen Monogatari
Address : Aomi 2-6-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Telecom Center
TEL : 03-5500-1126



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