Erina Mano To Release New Photobook, “Including my Ex-Fans, Please Take a look!”

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Erina Mano To Release New Photobook, “Including my Ex-Fans, Please Take a look!”

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On August 31, an actress and singer, Erina Mano held release event for her photobook “Zero” at Bunkyodo, Shibuya.

The shooting of her sixth photobook was carried out at Yamaguchi and Tokyo in early July, based on the theme “Erina and Erina”, an admirable woman who works hard and an innocent woman who has a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

“I’m very happy to release a photobook even after I’ve graduated from Hello! Project. I had two photographers taken pictures in Yamaguchi and Tokyo. In the last photobook there were lots of me naturally enjoyed Hawaii. But I think the new book has much more acting, adult-like photos because I am working on acting now. So this time I’d like you to enjoy those kinds of faces.”

When asked about where the title came from, “the previous photobook was released right after the graduation, but I felt that I made a new start with this one more. “Zero” stands for going back to where I started.”

Q: How do you rate “Zero” on a scale of 1 to 100?
EM: I’d rather know how people respond to it. If I put a score, I’d put 73. I turned 23 years old, I’ll improve the beauty of a woman.

Q: Which is your favorite picture?
EM: Back shot. It’s my favorite because I can’t see my back. One of the good things about a photobook is that you can see yourself from various angles.

Q: What sort of people would you like to show “Zero” to?
EM: There’s a big difference between the new photobook and the previous one, so I want all people, including my ex-fans to see it.

Q: What have been the changes for you compared to your idol era?
EM: I have much more time for myself than before. I went to London alone, which have always been my dream. I’ve been with girls for a long time, but now it became easy to make time for myself.

Q: What makes you like London?
EM: I always loved European architecture and buildings. London is the place has many musicals, and I wanted to see them so much. In London, I realized I am a member of society too. I felt that I have to make myself tougher. Traveling alone gave me a bunch of relaxing times, seeing musicals, walking the streets, and so on. I’d love to go back there.

About her future activities, she spoke that she’ll appear on the stage “Kibako no Kai” in Akasaka Red Theater from September 18 (Thursday) to 28 (Sunday).

It looks like this summer she took a big step to become a woman. Generally speaking, we always have conflict between who we want to be and who we are, maybe she does too. The process of her growth is too good to miss, because she’s always been true to herself.

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Mano Erina Shashinshu "Zero" / Nishida Koki / Sato Hiroyuki

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