A New Chapter Begins for CY8ER with Three New Members

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A New Chapter Begins for CY8ER with Three New Members

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CY8ER revealed three new members at the Ichigo Soukai event, on April 25, 2017. Joining Ichigo Rinahamu, Koinumaru POCHI and Mashilo are 3 new members: Anna Fujishiro (ex-ICE CREAM SUICIDE, BELLRING Girls Heart), Naatan Coromushi, and Yamiyume yAmmy! A video introducing new members has revealed along with the announcement.

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The first live performance adding three members will be Tokyo Candoll event at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Shibuya on May 4, 2017. This is a contest event where idols compete of the right to perform on Japan Expo in Paris. CY8ER now is advancing to the finals, and there’s a chance that they might be appearing at Japan Expo 2017 in Paris!

New members’ Twitter
Naatan Coromushi Twitter :
Yamiyume yAmmy Twitter :
Anna Fujishiro Twitter :

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