CHEERZ is a tool that lets you show your support for idols, and many people all of the world now use its app. Tokyo Girls’ Update regularly sits down for an interview with idols who score highest on the app’s ranking events, and this time we’re here with SHO-NO, who has been getting a lot of attention on the Miss iD contest feed. SHO-NO may come off as innocent, but she’s a huge soccer fan! It’s easy to see why so many people love her!

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-To start things off, please introduce yourself.

SHO-NO: OK! I’m SHO-NO! I’m 22! I’m a talento (media celebrity)! I do a lot of MC-related work.

– You were recently awarded the CHEERZ prize at the Miss iD 2016 contest, but what originally made you decide to apply to the contest?

SHO-NO: I originally did it because of how much I love Tina Tamashiro. Maybe a small part of why I did it was because I was hoping Tina might be one of the judges, or I wanted to be like her. (laugh)


– I see! So what did you enjoy about the contest?

SHO-NO: I got to make friends with girls that I normally wouldn’t have the chance to meet. Like I’m never one to just go and strike up a conversation with cutesy-looking girls in real life, but I was able to get to know some girls like that there. I was also glad about making friends with girls who weren’t the same age as me. Miss iD was awesome for making friends with lots of different girls!

– Thank you for sharing. I heard that you’re a really big soccer fan.

SHO-NO: I totally love soccer. My Twitter has so much soccer stuff on it, it’s basically just soccer pics and nothing else. Recently I’ve gotten a lot of job offers related to soccer, which I’m extremely happy about.

– When did you first get into soccer?

SHO-NO: Around my first year of elementary school. Jubilo Iwata was super strong back then. My father took me to see a game, and even though I didn’t understand the rules very well, it was fun because so many goals were scored. It wasn’t just some 0-0 game, but like 10-0! So we had a ton of fun getting up like 10 times to cheer! So after that I became a Jubilo fan, and then gradually moved on to international soccer.

-Have you ever seen a game abroad?

SHO-NO: I haven’t! I really want to go to Madrid, Spain! I’m a huge fan of Real Madrid! I want to see one played at (Santiago) Bernabéu Stadium!


– Who do you want to see play?

SHO-NO:Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

– You’re really crazy about Spanish soccer, huh?

SHO-NO: Yeah, my favorite one is Spain’s Liga Espanhola.

– Do you have a favorite player?

SHO-NO: Before it was Guti. His through passes (through balls) are incredible. Now my favorite is (Luka) Modrić from Real Madrid.

– If I’m not mistaken, in Japan, these games are broadcast really late at night. Do you watch them in real time?

SHO-NO: I do! I’ll watch the kickoff at 3:45 a.m. I’m always sleepy because of it.

– Wow, you’r e really dedicated! (laugh) Do you happen to play soccer yourself?

SHO-NO: Whenever I get invited to play futsal I’ll do that, but I’m pretty bad. I have a lot of soccer uniforms, but it’s embarrassing to wear the ones from stronger teams out when I’m so terrible. (laugh) I prefer playing the games, like PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) or FIFA.

– What do you watch for when you watch soccer games?

SHO-NO: I like to watch the forward run before passing the ball up. I’m always in awe of how really good players move before they chase after the ball. I like to see how all three forwards move as they make their way up the field. I’m pretty obsessed with it. I know you must think I’m a total otaku. (laugh)


– I’m beginning to get that. So is there anything else you like besides soccer?

SHO-NO: I like Western music, too, like hard rock. (laugh) I love bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Mötley Crüe. I also like traveling. As far as going overseas goes, I’ve only been to Korea and Hawaii so far, but in Japan I can’t get enough of Kyushu and I’ve been about five times!

– Kyushu is nice! By the way, where are you originally from?

SHO-NO: Shizuoka. Near Mt. Fuji

– Since you like traveling within Japan so much, do you have any places to recommend?

SHO-NO:Beppu, Nagasaki! I love the food in Kyushu, like mizutaki (a hot pot dish made with chicken broth) or motsu nabe (a hot pot dish made from beef or pork tripe). I really love a good meal and a good hot spring. So my recommendation is definitely Kyushu!

– Tell me about what your future goals are, or if there’s anything you want to try, including anything related to soccer.

SHO-NO: My biggest one would have to be doing a soccer-related work. Right now I’m working hard as a Wednesday assistant MC on NicoNico’s Soccer King Half Time. I’d also like to cover a game in person! Nothing would make me happier than to interview players someday. The Liga Espanhola program or something like that would be most ideal! I’m also a big researcher. (laugh) Like when it comes to players’ careers. I could go on and on!

– You certainly seem to know a lot!

SHO-NO: I just really love soccer! I’d be happy to do much more of anything related to it! Or if someday I ever got extremely lucky, I’d want to marry a Real Madrid player! (laugh)

– I’ll be sure to make that point stand out. So do you practice Spanish?

SHO-NO: I only know how to say “Golazo!”, and like “ajillo” and “paella”. (laugh)

– You’ve got to get studying, then! You kind of have a Spanish aura about you, so I think you can do it (?!) Last, but not least, please reach out to those reading overseas!

SHO-NO: With all of your cheers I’ve received from you on CHEERZ, it looks like I might be able to save enough to go to Spain, so I really need your help! Help bring me to Spain! I’m working hard to make a name for myself and so I can cover real Madrid athletes, so I hope you’ll continue to support me!


– Thank you very much!

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Photos by Kobadog
Translated by Jamie Koide


Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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