CHEERZ is a tool which lets you show your support for idols and many people all of the world now are using this app. Tokyo Girls’ Update regularly sits down for an interview with idols who score highest on the app’s ranking events, and this time we’re here with yAmmy who has been getting a lot of attention on the Miss iD contest feed. yAmmy is a cutesy-looking but strong willed girl who has a distinct and dazzling atmosphere around her. She talks about her unique career and future plans.

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—To start things off, please introduce yourself briefly.

yAmmy: Sure. I’m yAmmy and I work for an apparel company “HFRACTAL”. I used to work at a tofu shop before but I wanted to try something new so I started working at a clothing company. I took part in the Miss iD 2017 contest and won the CHEERZ prize, which gave me a chance to try many things.


-Well, it is a kind of big step from a tofu shop to an apparel company, isn’t it?!

yAmmy: Actually, before tofu shop, I worked at a club (for live music) and I was arranging bands for shows there. So it’s kind of weird that I’m working at an apparel company now (laugh).

-Is that so?

yAmmy:Yes, because I didn’t know much about fashion and I always thought it’s a job for fashionable women (laugh).

-Well, I think you are rather fashionable!

yAmmy: No, not at all. In the first place, a friend of mine introduced me to this apparel company and I started working as a fitting model. Now, besides a fitting model, I work in the shop as a sale clerk and a cashier. I change the shop displays too.


—Wow, you are dealing with wide-ranging tasks! You said that winning the CHEERZ prize at the Miss iD contest motivated you to try various things, right? Can you tell me more specifically?

yAmmy:First of all, I seldom used social media before. But after I entered the competition I started to update Twitter or Instagram consciously. Eventually I got many followers so I enjoy communicating with them.

—So, what was it like to activate your social media accounts?

yAmmy:In the beginning I found it very challenging (laugh) because I had been kind of reluctant to come to attention. But I tried to change my attitude during the Miss iD contest. I think I have evolved a little bit by getting into the ideal character “Me”.


—So you took another step forward. By the way, your tattoo is very cool.

yAmmy:I got this ninja star tattoo when I was twenty. I saw this symbol in my dream. Since I was 14, I had always thought what kind of tattoo I would get on me, but I still couldn’t make up my mind so I decided to get inked this symbol which appeared in my dream (laugh).


—Well, I just wonder what the dream was like (laugh). As I recall, you like music very much, right?

yAmmy:Yes, I do. My favorite band is Deftones, an American alternative metal band. Bjork is my favorite female artist, and I like Hikaru Utada too.

—Wow, you listen to different genres of music. Is that why you worked at a club?

yAmmy:Yeah. My parents used to play in a band, my mother was a singer and my father was a bassist. So since I was a kindergartener, there has been always British heavy metal music playing on Sunday morning (laugh).

—That’s very deep and heavy (laugh).

yAmmy:I know. As long as I remember, I always liked old music. When I was a middle school student, I was in the school’s rock band. I bought a cheap guitar and practiced to play at a school fest. I had played in a band until I was twenty.

—Tell me about what your future goals are or if there’s anything you want to try this year.

yAmmy: Well, I’m murmuring here and there that I want to try the voice related work.


—You mean the voice actor?

yAmmy: I’m not sure if I can be, but I just want to try it.

—What made you want to try it?

yAmmy:Well, I wasn’t sure what my strong points were until recently. And one day I was reading replies on my Twitter and I found several messages, saying like “I like your voice”. There weren’t that many but I got the same messages regularly so I started to think about it myself.

—I think you should try it because your voice is very cute.

yAmmy:Thank you. I also want to try narration and radio personality. Actually I am doing a radio personality on the Internet radio station “sora×niwa Hrajyuku” every other week for three months. There is a joint program “Cheer UP! Miss iD” by CHEERZ and Miss iD on every Sundays, and I’m working on that program with other two members; the main personality Miss iD 2017 Hinako Asakura and Miss iD 2016 Masora Hino.

Cheer UP! Miss iD :


—What themes are you talking on?

yAmmy: Well, at the first airing we talked about the things each of us like, and we gave a presentation on Aomori. Aomori is the main personality Hinako’s hometown (laugh).

—Heh! By the way, where in Japan are you from?

yAmmy : I’m from Kanagawa prefecture. I’m familiar with Shonan area because I went to school and worked part time there. I’d like to introduce Shonan to people overseas if I get a chance.

ーAre there any places you would recommend? It is close to Kamakura, right?

YAmmy:Well, you should go to Enoshima first. My favorite pancake café is “Sakanoshita” in Yuigahama. It is an old folk house style café and close to the sea, only 10 meters up! You might need to take a train (Enoden) to get there.


—That sounds nice. Tourists should be visiting there. By the way, have you been abroad?

yAmmy: Actually, never! But when I was a child I lived in the area where people work in Atsugi Base (United States Navy air base) live and enjoy Japanese life (!?). So my first boy friend was a Canadian boy and my first crush was also a foreigner named Andrew (laugh).

—Andrew! Wow! Which country would you like to visit?

yAmmy : I want to go to UK. My father likes British heavy metal music and also I always find myself being attracted to something British, like clothes or stuff. So I should be visiting there.


—Oh I see. You can enjoy both the music and fashion there.

yAmmy : Exactly.I also like buildings so I’d like to see them around.

—Thank you very much. Last, but not least, is there anything you’d like to say?

yAmmy:Yes. I’m thinking about challenging voice related work in the future. I like making candles and such kind of stuff, so I think it’ll be nice if I can introduce my hand-made works when they are ready. And for those reading overseas, if you are interested in Japan and me, please reply to me on Twitter or Instagram! I will try my best to read your English messages. Thank you very much.

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Translated by Hideko


Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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