Idol Cheering App, “CHEERZ” is recognized by its multilingual; Japanese, English, Chinese, and French will be added soon, application. “CHEERZ” is now tying up with TGU, and promoting an interview for the top-three idols every month.
Read #1 interview :
アイドル応援アプリ、”CHEERZ”。日本語だけでなく英語、中国語(繁体字)に対応していて、フランス語ももうすぐ追加されるというワールドワイドな展開を見せる注目のアプリです。 TGUでは、CHEERZとのキャンペーンランキングで上位に入った3名に、毎月インタビューを行っています! 1回目のインタビューはこちら:

Second interview is unfolded with Hikari Takiguchi from drop, continuously interviewing from the preceding interview, Narumi Katase from notall, and Yuna Sakamoto from FES☆TIVE. The theme is about anime and manga. In the second half, the idols would be producing each other’s photo for CHEERZ! We also questioned the recent “CHEER”ing events or materials.


Hikari Takiguchi (drop)


Narumi Katase (notall)


Yuna Sakamoto (FES☆TIVE)

-Nice to meet you guys. So, this month we want to talk about “anime and manga”. Starting from anime, does anybody have favorite anime?
-よろしくお願いします! 今月のテーマ「アニメ・マンガ」についてお話を聞ければなと思っています!まずはアニメについて。好きなものがある方はいますか?

Sakamoto: The one that I can’t quit watching is “One Piece”! I record it and watch it in my weekends. My mother’s sister has every volume of the manga, so I read the manga before watching. This is like my habit now(laugh).
坂元:いつも観ているのはワンピースです! 録画して、休みの日にまとめて観たりしますね。マンガも、お母さんの妹の家に全巻あるので、アニメを観る前にマンガでも読んでます。これがいつのまにか習慣みたいになっていて……(笑)。

Takiguchi: I like the anime film called “Toki wo kakeru Shojo(The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)”. I reflected myself as the heroine, who is a high school girl just like me. It taught me a lesson that time cannot come back, so I have to live each second with care. It really influenced me in a way that it taught me a lesson that it is no use crying over spilt milk.

Contributor Wanted!!


-“Toki wo kakeru Shojo” might be wide known in people in the states and France since it was released there too.

All: Really!? WOW!!
全員:え~! そうなんだ!!

Takiguchi: Also, “Byosoku 5centimeters” is an anime about love and adolescent, and I like that too. It is not a happy ending, but the realness that is drawn in the story is what I like.
滝口: あと、『秒速5センチメートル』っていう恋愛とか青春を描いたアニメも好きです。あんまりハッピーエンドじゃないんですけど、その切なさがリアルでいいなって思います。

Contributor Wanted!!

Katase: I don’t have a good knowledge about anime nor manga, but the only anime I love is “Sailormoon”! I loved it since I was born and sometimes think that I was born to watch “Sailor Moon”. My dream was to become Sailor Moon when I was young and wanted to be just like Usagi Tsukino. I also watched all of the musical series, and of course the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal”!
片瀬:私はアニメとかマンガにあんまり詳しくないんですけど、唯一大好きなのがセーラームーンで! 生まれた瞬間から好きで。自分はセーラームーンのために生まれたんじゃないかってくらい好きで。小さい頃からの夢がセーラームーンになることで、月野うさぎちゃんみたいになりたいってずっと思ってました。ミュージカルも全部観ています。今、東京MXでやってる「美少女戦士セーラムーンCrystal」ももちろん観ています!

Contributor Wanted!!

Sakamoto: I also am! Recording it perfectly!! lol
坂元:私も観てます! 録画してます!(笑)

Takiguchi: But haven’t the voice’s changed?

Katase: Yes, except for Usagi-chan… But that is the anime that I have got into in the recent 10years.


-I see. Sailor Moon is an anime which was first on aired 20years ago, but many young people love it too, right?

All: Yes, we do!

-Which character do you like the best?

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