We scored a special interview with middle school duo Naonetty, なおねってぃ (consisting of Nao Tachibana and Aine Fujii), who especially stood out from the successful candidates of Columbia Idol Audition 2015. During the interview, we talked about their true faces and enthusiasm for what their future has in store for them.


Nao: Hello, my name is Nao Tachibana. I’m 13 years old and from Tokyo. Please take care of me.

Aine: Hello, my name is Aine Fujii from Kanegawa. I am 14 years old. Please take care of me.


ーFirst, what made you want to enter the Columbia Idol Audition?

Nao: I saw someone I know, an idol, performing and I thought it was so cool! It sparked my interest and I decided to enter. To be honest, I chose Columbia because I coincidentally stumbled upon it. (Laughs)

Aine: I’ve wanted to be an idol since I was a kindergartener and wanted to become one before taking high school entrance exams so I frantically searched for a way and came across Columbia Idol Audition. I’ve been told I’m great at singing since I was little and I’ve always enjoyed dancing so I thought I would try out.

ーThis audition and judging took place through SHOWROOM, which is a little different from other auditions. How did you feel about it?

Aine: Because of my age restriction, I had to deliver by 8PM. I performed since 6:30 AM, before school, but it was difficult for me because I’m not a morning person.

ーThat’s early! It’s tough for the people watching, too (laughs)

Aine: I ate dinner a in 5 minutes and performed as much as I could before 8 to improve my ranking as much as I could! The fans would watch me sing and dance during my show and I was really grateful for all the advice I received. I even did radio gymnastics in the morning (laughs).


ーBroadcasting radio gymnastics during an audition is unique (laughs)

Nao: I don’t have any experience dancing, so while I practiced my older sister would tell me how terrible I was at it. I faced some difficulty because I was a little late in broadcasting on SHOWROOM. I was also limited on my broadcasting time. I was busy with practice for my club in the morning and couldn’t participate until after my club meeting at night. I was kind of all over the place but I had fun talking to the fans. I’m not the best at studying and there are a lot of Kanji I can’t read, but fans were taught me, we talked about studying and songs I like.


ーWere you nervous during round 2 when you performed your singing and dancing?

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