Harajuku is a source of Japanese youth culture. It’s a very fashionable area where unique values are widely accepted and individualities intersect. A new group was born in this town; KAMO ga negi wo shottekuru!!! aka Kamonegi. Their great appearances and vivid art directions are causing a buzz among idol fans. They play full out at lives, which attracts fans in spite of singing a few songs. Tokyo Girls’ Update is among the first to interview such a group that has aspirations to perform overseas.

Please start by introducing yourselves.


YURIPISU: I’m Yuri Yakumo, aka “YURIPISU” the vivid purple member. Nice to meet you.


YURICHEI: I am vivid yellow “YURICHEI”, Yukari Natsume.


MAYUPURIN: And I am vivid pink “MAYUPURIN”, Mayu Amane. Pleased to meet you.

Thank you! Can you tell us about your group concept and activities?

YURIPISU: Well, our goal is to become “Kawaii icons”!


Is it correct that all of you were scouted in Harajuku?

YURICHEI: Yes, that’s right.

Do you have any famous people you admire?

YURIPISU: Yes, it’s “Oechan”. She is an amateur model in a fashion magazine.

YURICHEI: I like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

MAYUPURIN: Mine is Nicole Fujita.

They are all pretty much pop icons, aren’t they? So your current concept is that you keep working so that you will catch up them eventually.

YURIPISU: Yes. We want to be someone’s admired person someday.

That’s great. By the way, is “KAMONEGI” your official group name?

YURIPISU: No, actually “KAMO ga negi wo shottekuru!!!” is the official name.

Where does it come from?


MAYUPURIN: You know, there is a Japanese proverb, “Kamo ga negi wo shottekuru” (a duck comes carrying a Welsh onion on its back; double stroke of good luck ).I think it is something similar to “kill two birds with one stone”…!?

YURICHEI: We want people who come to our lives to feel happy meeting us and also get something more!


YURIPISU: Fans will have a good time during the live and even at the goods table. It means killing two birds with one stone, right?

Is it something like “Otaku are like sitting ducks so you can rip them off” (laugh) ? Or “We are the ducks for otaku”. Which one is correct?

YURIPISU: Of course the second one! We are the ducks and carrying Welsh onions on our backs.

Oh now I understand! You are ducks and carrying Welsh onions. It means double stroke of good luck!

YURIPISU: Exactly (laugh).


Are you sure the otaku are not your sitting ducks?

YURIPISU: No, they are hunters! We call our fans “hunters”.

When was your debut?

YURICHEI: Our debut one-man live was on August 14th at Shinjuku SUNFACE.

I heard there was about 240 people there.

YURIPISU: Yes, there was.


So how was the first live?

YURICHEI: We were all nervous…. right?

YURIPISU/MAYU: Yeah, really nervous.

So, you are idols now. How does it feel like having your own fans?

MAYUPURIN: Well, I have kind of mixed feelings (laugh).I kind of think “Am I good enough for them?”


By the way, did you go to TIF? Do you go see other idols’ performances?

YURIPISU: Yes, I did!

Oh, so you like idols, don’t you?

MAYUPURIN: I was an AKB48 otaku.


You were? Who’s your favorite?

MAYUPURIN: Yuko Oshima and Paruru. I used to go to their handshake sessions.

So you are originally “otaku”.

MAYUPURIN: Yes, I am (laugh).

I see. What about other members?

YURIPISU: I like “DISH”. I have a DISH bag today with me.


Do you go to their concerts?

YURIPISU: I used to go every week.

Wow, you are also “otaku” (laugh). Are you all right, YURICHEI? Two otaku in the group.

YURICHEI: ….. Well, I also feel like I’m becoming “otaku” by watching idols.


Oh I see. You said you liked Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Do you like her fashion?

YURICHEI: Yes, I think her fashion is really cute. I go to her lives because I love her world.

It may be a hasty question but what do you say to having lives overseas like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu does?

MAYUPURIN: We want to perform at Japan EXPO in France, which is one of our destinations.


Really? Well that is kind of a unique goal, isn’t it?

YURIPISU: Because we want to be “Kawaii Icons”.


I hope your dream comes true! Also there are other similar events in the world so I want you to try them.

YURICHEI: I want to go on a world tour!


You know, there are already fans overseas saying things like “OMG, KAMONEGI is so cute!”

Now, please give your messages to fans overseas and also to your future fans.

MAYUPURIN: We will keep doing our best to become energetic idols and to be accepted not only in Japan but around the world. We want to be “Kawaii icons” for everyone so please give us your warm support!

Thank you very much today!

All: Yeah! Thank you!

KAMO ga negi wo shottekuru!!! Official site: http://kamonegi-info.com/

KAMO ga negi wo shottekuru!!! Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/kamonegi_info


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