In May of 2010 S/mileage made their major debut with their single “Yumemiru Fifteen”. Then in October of 2011, S/mileage sub-members Kana Nakanishi, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, and Meimi Tamura became official members of the group, and S/mileage had their massively successful first solo concert at the Nippon Budokan. In December of 2014, with the arrival of three new members, Maho Aikawa, Rikako Sasaki, and Mizuki Murota, the group changed their name to ANGERME. During their November 29, 2015 performance at the Nippon Budokan, first generation member Kanon Fukuda graduated, new member, Moe Kamikokuryo, joining the group on November 11th.

Although Meimi Tamura has plans to graduate at their next Nippon Budokan performance on May 30th, ANGERME will release their fourth single “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku”/”Itoshima Distance”/”Koi nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru” on April 27th. Since this will be their last single with all nine members, Tokyo Girls’ Update sat down with all of them to ask them about the music video shoot for “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku”.

Contributor Wanted!!

Contributor Wanted!!

Mizuki Murota/室田瑞希さん

-First, let’s talk about the new songs. Please tell us about “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku”.

Mizuki: I love the lyrics! Especially the part that I get to sing, which is “This break-up will wake me up / This encounter will make my hopes grow”. Tamura-san is graduating from the group, so “this break-up’ is going to happen very soon. Then “this encounter” refers to Kamiko-chan, Moe Kamikokuryou, who just joined, and it makes me look forward to things. Fans also said that the “Tsugitsugi, Zokuzoku” part in the beginning makes their hearts pound, and if I look at it from their perspective, I also feel the same way. This is why I like this song the most out of the 3 new songs. I love songs that get me going. I also got to rap for the first time, even though it was just, “I dare you to stop me if you can.”


Mizuki: This was actually also a line from “Desugita Kui wa Utarenai”. It’s nice that people think we are on a roll, and I really think we are, and I’d really like to say “I dare you to stop me if you can!” (laughs). I feel like the lyrics speak to me, and it makes singing it easier, so I love this song!


Mizuki: But the “Tsugitsugi zokuzoku kokoro ga zokuzoku…” part was really difficult to sing at first (laughs), and it took me a few tries in the studio to get it right.


-I thought it was great that you guys managed to sing it without stuttering!

Mizuki: Actually, I did (laughs). It was more like “jyukujyuku” than “zokuzoku”. The choreography during chorus is probably easy to learn – raise your right hand, and lower your right hand, that kind of thing. So please learn the moves! The “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku” moves!


-So, how was shooting the MV?

Mizuki: It was the first time for us to film that hip-hop-like scene when everyone was going “YO! YO!” and it was great fun! Actually something happened right then, too. When we were shooting that scene, we were told to just do whatever we wanted, because they said the stuff that came before the hip-hop part wouldn’t be used. So everyone was going all out and doing silly things, but then got super serious when the rap part came around. The difference was huge and I just found that really funny. I had a great time and couldn’t stop laughing on the inside!

-Thank you for the story. What about your thoughts on the upcoming “Kyuui Ittai” Tour?

…Read her thoughts on Kyuui Ittai tour, the new member Moe, and message to graduating member Meimi

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Photos by Mime Soga
Translated by 76_do


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