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Not yet

The sub group of the Japanese all female idol group AKB48 is known as Not Yet. The name is pronounced as Notto Yetto. The formation of this female idol group was announced in the year 2011 on 25th January at the AKB48’s Request Hour Set List Best 100 2011. The name of the group was revealed by the producer of the group, who is also the producer of the group AKB48.

The reason behind the name Not Yet according to the producer was the not good dancing and singing skill of the members. The band released their first single titled Shumatsu Not Yet in the year 2011 on 16th March. The song was written by Akimoto and is the story of the lovers who can’t wait for weekend.

Most of their singles held the top most rank in the Oricon singles chart. The other singles that released in the year 2011 were Naminori Kakigon which held the first rank in Oricon singles chart and sold 208,164 copies. The other song Perapera Parao sold almost 211,686 copies and ranked 2 in the Oricon chart.

Not Yet’s 2012 release Suika Baby again like other hits, held the top most rank in the Oricon chart and even sold 17.574 copies. Their latest release in the year 2013 Hirihiri no Hana that sold 107,578 copies till now.

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