Anna Tsuchiya

Anna Tsuchiya

Anna Tsuchiya is a reputed singer, actor and semi-retired model of Japan and born on 11 March 1984 in Tokyo. She is popular for her singing talent since 2005. She even wrote and recorded some of her music in English. Her genres of music are pop, rock and punk.

She started her modeling career at the age of 14 with the influence of her elder sister Angela, a former model. She started with magazine modeling first and later shifted to television ads. Her first TV ad was with Uniqlo and Edwin. She retired from modeling at the age of 18.

The most prominent role of her acting life is “Ichigo Shirayuri” where she played a biker-gang girl who later turned into fashion model in the movie Kamikaze Girls of 2004. This work got her Blue-Ribbon award.

Anna Tsuchiya has involvement with music industry from the age of 16 and she formed a punk-rock duo band Spin Aqua with K.A.Z. This band released three singles, one album and a video collection without commercial success. Anna planned to pursue solo music career in 2005. Her first single was “Change Your Life” and her first mini-album was “Taste My Beat”.

Anna Tsuchiya first made her abroad appearance at the Japan Expo in Paris, France in July 2006 and to increase her popularity she made her debut album “Strip Me?” during this period.

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