The “Possible” is a J-Pop group formed on August 2, 2006. It is said that the origin of modern J-pop Japanese-language rock music  is The Beatles. Unlike the Japanese music genre J-pop uses a special kind of pronunciation called kyerda.

The “Possible” is one of the famous J-Pop group which had six girls at its initiation .Those six girls were previously  in Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and they all later graduated from  Hello! Project . They also worked as backup dancers at Hello! Project and Tokito Ami.

THE “Possible” is  produced by the music company TNX whose owner is Mitsuo Terada who is also known as Tsunku. The  single Shiawase no Katachi  of this group reached number 4 on the Japanese charts. In 2010 the “Possible” became a part of  the TV show Oto no Moto MCs .

The members

  • Kanami Morozuka
  • Aina Hashimoto
  • Yurika Akiyama
  • Robin Shouko Okada Yuki Goto
  • Kaede Ohse

It was announced that The “Possible” will be appearing as guests in the upcoming Winter Hello! Project’s concert. This is the first time in  5 years that The Possible will be part of a Hello! Project The possible is amazingly popular band.

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