The famous Fairies is the Japanese group that was formed in the year 2011. They are handled by the talent agency called Vision Factory and is produced by the record label Sonic Groove. This group had their first debut on 21st September, 2011 called  “More Kiss / Song for You”. During the Japan’s 53rd record award, Fairies were applauded as one of the best newcomer of the year. It received the best new artist award.

Brief history

There are total seven members of the group. The names are Rikako Inoue, MomokaItō, SoraNomoto, MahiroHayashida, Miria Fujita, KawaneKiyomura and Miki Shimomura. There are allotted individual colors. Rikako Inoue is given the purple, MomokaItō is given the red color, SoraNomoto is given the blue color, MahiroHayashida is given the yellow color, Miria Fujita is given the orange color, KawaneKiyomura is given the green color and Miki Shimomura is given the pink color. Each color has its own slogan. Their singles are “Hero / Sweet Jewel”, “Beat Generation / No More Distance”, “White Angel”, “Tweet Dream / Sparkle” and “Hikari no Hate ni”.

Their genres are pop, J-pop, bubblegum pop, teen pop, and dance pop. They are extremely popular for their excellent albums released.

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