Nicola is a fashion director who has attracted global attention by helping make Lady Gaga a top star.
In an attempt to discover a Japanese version of Lady Gaga, he held the “POP ICON PROJECT TOKYO”, where three members were selected to create a unit.

The unit’s artistic name, “color-code”, refers to a string of characters in computer language that is used to express “colors” on web pages,
and has a meaning of being a “unit that expresses various different colors”, and being a “universal unit”.

Adding Nicola’s “fantasy” (the extraordinary) to the three members’ individual characteristics and street reality, creates a visual of “pop stars from Tokyo”.
Through this approach, they will be disseminated to the world as “artists = icons localized in various parts of the world”.

辻川奈々実(Nanami Tsujikawa)
Date of birth : December 3, 1991
Hometown : Osaka prefecture
Special abilities : Dancing (JAZZ HIPHOP), cooking, putting on makeup
Hobbies : Choreography, photography, fashion

安川摩吏紗(Marisa Yasukawa)
Date of birth : January 9, 1993
Hometown : Chiba prefecture
Special abilities : Chugging (water), being normal
Hobbies : Dancing, reading, studying, painting, sleeping

森安眞子(Mako Moriyasu)
Date of birth : February 10, 1992
Hometown : Osaka prefecture
Special abilities : Dancing (JAZZ HIPHOP), giving massages
Hobbies : People-watching, delusions, watching aura colors

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