was formed by MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi in 2011.Their poisonous lyrics, furious flow and electro‐tinged beats combine to create a genre-bending, explosive sound that’s resonating with Japan’s disillusioned Millennial Generation.The duo has gained a reputation for raucous live shows, racking up 60 performances in 2013 including major Music Festival(such as BAYCAMP, ROCK IN JAPAN and MOTEKI NIGHTS).
In July 2013 their long‐awaited mini album “ai ai syndrome” went on sale to critical acclaim.Upon release they found a wide audience with headline track “HATE” being pushed by Tower Records and major FM radio stations (such as FM802, J‐WAVE, Tokyo FM and Zip FM etc.).Tie‐ups with renowned brands soon is now building up to the release of their first full album “DIStopping” in June and a nationwide tour in July.July 2013 – mini album “ai ai syndrome” released.August 2013 – hologram performance at Louis Vuitton sponsored “Timeless Muses” reception party.February 2014 – selected as artist for PARCO Valentine’s Day promotional campaign and associated song.Summer 2014 – 1st full album “DIStopping” released and nationwide tour.Spring 2015 – selected as artist for TANGLE TEEZER promotional campaign and associated song.

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