Uncle Japanese #2 : Useful Japanese Phrases for Making Wotaku Friends at Idol Concerts

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Here our Uncle introduces you to some useful Japanese phrases for some situations in Japanese idol wotaku lives.

Who is “Uncle”? He is one of the living national treasures in idol wotaku world in Japan. Yes, he’s our Uncle wota!

Today’s theme is making friends at “Genba”. “Genba” means an idol concert venues or handshaking events. And if you go to “Genba”, maybe you will be feeling very alone. This is because, in most cases, there are only Japanese fans and no foreign fans, so you might be very alone… But, you can learn some Japanese to make friends with Japanese wota, then your wota life will be more happy!

Uncle will teach you three important and useful phrases here, so join premium membership and watch it full! Uncle won’t never let you down!

Uncle Japanese #1 : What is “Resu”? ~Idol Wota Should be Resu Getting Machine~ is available for free as a sample. Let’s take a look at it as well!

If you are already a premium member, you can also download the “Idol Terminology” booklet!
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