Uncle Japanese #1 : What is “Resu”? ~Idol Wota Should be Resu Getting Machine~

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In the video program “Uncle Japanese”, Tokyo Girls’ Update’s beloved “Uncle” will teach you important Japanese phrases to make your idol wotaku life much more fun!

Who is “Uncle”? He is one of the living national treasures in idol wotaku world in Japan. Yes, he’s our Uncle wota!

The #1 is about “Resu“. Have you ever heard of the word? “Resu” is crucial things for idol wotaku and you have to be like “Resu” getting machine to be strong wota! Here uncle teaches you some example phrases of using the word “Resu”. Let’s have a look!

Only #1 is free to watch as a sample and later series will be only for premium members. Please enjoy it!

*This video is not available with browsers with Japanese setting for some reasons. We’re sorry.



Hi this is uncle! How are you doing? This time, uncle will teach you some good Japanese phrase that will help your Japanese idol otaku life. Are you ready? This is time for uncle Japanese!

Firstly, I will introduce a really important word for Japanese idol otaku, that is, “Resu”. “Resu” means “response” in English. Response from your favorite idol includes something like when the idol points at you with her finger, or waving her hand at you, or maybe an eye contact during her singing. These are all “Resu” from your favorite idol, which is very important for otaku, since the “Wota-life” is based on getting “Resu”. This is “Wota-life”.

We sometimes use the term, “No look, No resu”. If an idol perfectly ignores you during the live, this is called “No look, No resu”.
“Oh today, I got no look, no resu…”. This is a pity thing for Japanese idol otakus.

Also, sometimes we use “Resu Kaishuu shita”. “Kaishuu” means “getting”, so getting a “resu” from idol is called “Resu Kaishuu”. “Resu Kaishuu” is the idol otaku’s mission, and you should be like a Resu-getting machine. You should get as many Resu from idols during the live performance.

This was the first time of Uncle Japanese, and you must remember the word “Resu” in idol events.
Goodbye! Have a nice day!

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