[Review] The Best in the World of Kawaii!! Buono! – Warp! (Chant instructions)

When the HaroPro’s kawaii three girls meet a raw band sound, “Buono!” becomes
a completed form. Literally, they take us, warp to the dream world which words or daily angers are no needed.

Although the band “Buono!” is mainly working in Japan, they once were tried to have a first live in Europe, at Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 ( suspended), then finally, three year later, they enjoyed very much their regendary successful live in France this year, first time ever in Europe.
A more world tour, is strongly expected in all section of the globe.

The information below is a brief introduction of Buono!
-Buono! is the one of top girls idol group in the industry, who belongs to Hello!Project, and was born in 2007.

The members are Momoko Tsugunaga (also Berryz kobo, 20), Miyabi Natsuyaki(Berryz kobo, 20), and Airi Suzuki ( also ℃-ute, 18).

special thanks to ProckyPocky21 who made this wonderful video;-)



written by Yuji Hara


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