[Review] Morningmusume 2010 “Kimagure Princess” @Yokohama Arena

Morning musume is an idol unit that has been repeating members’ join and graduation for 15 years.
Instead of describing the history here, I will introduce one of their masterpiece of the one past time.

Unlike young momusu now, momusu2010 was totally flawless.
The Ai Takahashi era was the longest and continued for five years (2007 to 2011).
Under the professional but heartwarming wonderful leader, they had a long and rich experience, then finally, became the idol beyond an idol.

Although Momusu’s definition is various, this Takahashi era is one undefeated model.
It is hoped this video becomes a good opportunity for “us in the world” to come see a raw stage.
Lets dance, sweat, make a loud voice!!

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