[Review] The immersion and tolerance – ℃-ute “EVERYDAY YEAH Kataomoi”

I am one of ordinary fans of latest ℃-ute, or other idols, but even now I am crazy about past masterpiece. When I feel depressed, or have hard time to try unknown thing, I watch this in DVD.
For this time, I am going to list a couple of good things of this event, ’06 ℃-ute day, @YomiuriLand and it would be my pleasure if you agree with one of those below.

First, The sun is shining beautifully.
Lol, yes I know some of you laugh at it and say what, but seriously I believe this is big point.
Many event do not necessarily do outside, and at night in many cases.
I like daytime event under the sunshine, because it feels so good and is healthy for not only young artists like them, but also stuff and fans.

Like I am in front of PC now, the wota crowd are immersed in each world freely,
sometimes new fans, especially among Japanese, hesitate at live participation because of luck of experience. A well trained wota performance is welcomed, but shouldn’t become a barrier for new entry. In the DVD, you can see members’ and fans’ tolerance behavior more, that’s for second good point.

Finally after all, the biggest good thing of the video, is ℃-ute itself.
I believe the group caused all good things on the day and the subsequent fans’ ℃ulture.
However, since the page is short to tell why ℃-ute catches “us in the world” so much,
I would like to use a next opportunity.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I love you^^


Contributor Wanted!!

written by Yuji Hara

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