[Review] Innocent “Disco Queen” by ℃-ute, now has become an Authentic.

Growing with the idol you like, and watching idols’ growth, both are the pleasure for idol fan. Sometimes people cheer idols with all families, even give their lives to idols support.

For better or worse, also under work and during an off-time, the influence of fans is big for idols.
In other words, both we and idols need each other in various situations of the life.

This performance by Saki Nakajima and Mai Hagiwara was taken in 2007.
After steady continuous effort of 5 years, many people in the idol universe say they became genuine. The producer Tsunku, recently spoke that the performance of ℃-ute is at the top level of Hello!Project right now.

℃-ute is now rehearsing their concert tour in winter. It starts at Shibuya kokaido on Nov 24.


Here’s a brief introduction of ℃-ute

℃-ute is a girls group from Hello!Project, which was originally formed by 7 haro puro kids in 2005. Through after increasing and decreasing in the number, now they are five members.
Maimi Yajima (leader, 20), Saki Nakajima (18), Airi Suzuki (also buono!, 18),
Chisato Okai (18), and Mai Hagiwara (16).

Special thanks to endroget, who made this fabulous sub video:-)



written by Yuji Hara

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