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Samurais are still alive even in the 21st century!?  X  "Cupnoodle"


In a new promotional campaign, Japan's much-loved Cupnoodle is using the slogan, "Samurai, Fujiyama, Cupnoodle" to appeal to young people to enjoy Japan more.
In truth, it is perhaps us, the Japanese, that least appreciate what a wonderful, original, exciting county Japan is.

The content of the commercial is a passionate scene of's performance at a concert venue, and features the audience waving glow sticks.
In addition to the theme of "Lord = Idol", the image of the audience waving glow sticks, instead of swords, represents the "Modern Day SAMURAI".

The iconic food "Cupnoodle"

Since first going on sale in 1971, the world's first instant noodles have become a long-selling product, not only in in Japan but loved the world over.
'Cupnoodle,' ready to eat in 3 minutes after adding boiling water, as of 2011 have been sold in 80 countries throughout the world, and has sold a total of over 31,000,000,000 servings. With a package designed by Takeshi Otaka, who created the logos for the 1970 World Exposition, it has become popularized as a Japanese "pop icon of food."

Talk about Modern Day SAMURAI & "Cupnoodle"

It's said that the most elite samurai (= enthusiastic fans) gather at the concerts of the much talked-about It has been no time since the TV commercial started airing, and already samurai across the country are sending up signals saying, "our time has come!"
To find out how these girls felt about their samurai, Tokyo Girls' Update caught up with the members before a concert to interview them.

- What do you think about Japan's modern-day samurai?

"Everyone is following us really warmly. We always feel so blessed! Sometimes we support the samurai who are supporting us. We shake their hands and sometimes they ask us for life advice. We have a good relationship with them."

- I see. They have great inner strength and always look after you. It is thanks to the samurai's support that you can put on such a strong show on stage. If you have any words of advice for people who want to be samurai, please share them with us.

"I guess...loyalty. And never compromising on the things you like."

- What kind of samurai do you like?

"Well, we like all the samurai who come to our concerts! There are girl samurai and even little kid samurai. We like them all!"

- What do you think about samurai abroad?

"Of course we welcome them with open arms! Last year we did a lot of concerts abroad. This summer we are going to do a nationwide tour sponsored by Cupnoodle. We hope our samurai abroad will come to see us!"

- Last, could you give a message to our readers?

"We had always loved Cup Noodle and we were so happy to be able to be in their commercial. We hope that everyone will watch the commercial that we perform in and grow to like pop idols and Cupnoodle even more!"

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