Cleared for Takeoff! PASSPO☆ Assembles Over 1,500 Passengers in Yoyogi Park for Free Flight!

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Cleared for Takeoff! PASSPO☆ Assembles Over 1,500 Passengers in Yoyogi Park for Free Flight!

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PASSPO☆ flew to new heights during their free one-man flight (live) PASSPO☆ Yoyogi Free One-man! ~Passen Nannin Fuerukana~ at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage on May 10, 2016!

Even though it had been raining the day before and humid conditions persisted throughout the hours leading up to departure, the rain stopped miraculously right before PASSPO☆ took to the stage. The passengers (PASSPO☆ name for fans) raised their penlights and voices to welcome the crew to yet another new airport.



PASSPO☆ switched on the afterburners with “Baby Jump ~ Tengoku he no Toujou-bin~” and the passengers jumped along and called out loudly in support. Natsumi Iwamura (aka Nachu) to hold up her sign urging them to get louder still. Up next was “HONEY DISH” and once again Mio Masui (Miomio) had to compete with several passengers for airspace as Yukimi Fujimoto (aka Yukkii) and Nachu boosted her like popping popcorn.



Welcoming the passengers to the flight as soon as they had reached a safe cruising altitude, PASSPO☆ kept the heat on with their introduction song “7’s up” as the penlights rotated through their 7 different colors when it came time for each crew member to take their turn in the spotlight. Following “Mr. Wednesday”, it was time for a medley which was packed full of some of PASSPO☆’s most powerful songs. Starting with the aggressive metal of “WANTED!!” and “WING”, they fanned the flames with the festive “Natsuzora Hanabi” and the tropical “Moso no Hawaii”, alternating between graceful hula movements and headbanging.




Anna Tamai (aka Anya) announced that that second half of the flight had begun, drawing a loud “Ehhhhhh?” of protest from the passengers. As the title of the live implied (Passen Nannin Fuerukana translates to “We wonder how many passengers we could increase?”), Anya suggested that the rest of the crew tried to call out to the people playing soccer at the nearby field in an attempt to have them join in.



The second half of the flight changed course to the cuter more girly side of PASSPO☆, beginning with “Kucha LOVE” and “Cosmic You”. In between rocking back and forth and pumping their fists with the others, Anya and Nachu were up to their usual mischief during “Material Girl”. Snapping back into formation, Anya took her place behind captain Ai Negishi for her pirouetting dance solo. Aipon called for the passengers to clap along to “Candy Room” as she and the rest of the crew waved their hands flirtatiously. The series of passenger favorites came to a close with “Pretty Lie”, its established call and response echoing through the crisp night air in Yoyogi Park.




Naomi Anzai (aka Naomin) introduced PASSPO☆’s upcoming single “Bachelorette wa Owaranai”, explaining that it has a strong theme of friendship, specifically with the mood of a bachelorette party on the eve of a wedding, asking the question, “Even if we get married and have children, and become grandmas, what do we want PASSPO☆ to become?”. Miomio answered, “I want to continue with PASSPO☆ until my heart stops beating.”, causing the crowd to burst into heated applause. Naomin continued by saying that Yoyogi was just another step, mentioning Nippon Budokan, arenas, domes, and even Music Station as goals that they were aiming for. With the mood set and scattered droplets of rain beginning to fall, PASSPO☆ performed “Bachelorette wa Owaranai” for the first time. A harder song than most recent releases, it combines emotional lyrics of loss with girlish choreography similar to that of “GPP” which feature Aipon as the center of attention.

Just like their previous single “Mr. Wednesday”, the release of “Bachelorette wa Owaranai” would be accompanied by an Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo tour. Thankfully, because the theme of the single has nothing to do with any particular day of the week, the flights have been scheduled for weekends and will have afternoon and evening departures. There was a funny moment when Yukki had to be corrected on the dates of the tour because she had announced them as being in June, one month prior to the release of the single, leading to some “L-sized” laughs from the passengers. PASSPO☆ would be kicking off release events and debuting their new outfits for “Bachelorette wa Owaranai” at Tokyo Dome City LaQua’s Garden Stage on May 14th. The flight came in for landing with “Fairy Tale”, the encore call began as soon as the crew left the stage.



After what seemed like only a few seconds of an encore call, PASSPO☆ came jogging back onto the stage, Morishi and Anya pulling rolling suitcases behind them for “Shojo Hikou”. After the customary picture, including one taken by Yuna Yamamoto (Petit PASSPO☆), the crew talked about how they had worked together to make the flyer including the set list for the flight. Right at the moment when PASSPO☆ took their final bow along with the passengers as they had during the finale of their “Mr. Wednesday” tour, the rain began to fall. As a show of appreciation, there were also free high-fives (referred to as a “high touch” ハイタッチ in Japanese) to send off everyone who came out to Yoyogi Park that evening.






“Bachelorette wa Owaranai” Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo Flight Tour

July 16, 2016 (Saturday)
Shangri-La (Osaka)
Afternoon – Open: 1:00pm Start: 1:30pm
Evening – Open: 5:30pm Start: 6:00pm
3,500 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)

July 17, 2016 (Sunday)
Afternoon – Open: 1:00pm Start: 1:30pm
Evening – Open: 5:30pm Start: 6:00pm
3,500 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)

July 23, 2016 (Sunday)
Afternoon – Open: 12:00pm Start: 12:30pm
Evening – Open: 5:30pm Start: 6:00pm
1F Standing: 3,500 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)
2F Photography: 10,000 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)

Set List

01 Baby Jump ~ Tengoku he no Toujou-bin~
03 7’s up
04 Mr. Wednesday
05 Special Medley
-Natsuzora Hanabi
-Moso no Hawaii
06 Kucha Love
07 Cosmic You
08 Material Girl
09 Candy Room
10 Pretty Lie
11 Bachelorette wa Owaranai
12 Fairy Tale

E1 Shojo Hikou

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Bachelorette wa Owaranai / PASSPO
Bachelorette wa Owaranai / PASSPO
Bachelorette wa Owaranai / PASSPO

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