Easy Level 1 to 3 : Yukata/Kimono Hairstyle Arrangement Steps for All You Clumsy Ones!

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Easy Level 1 to 3 : Yukata/Kimono Hairstyle Arrangement Steps for All You Clumsy Ones!

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Yukata and Kimono are Japanese traditional clothing and I think you’ve thought about trying them on at least once. The one problem is, you don’t know what to do with your hair. Girls can’t go out with a bad hair due, so here are some suggestions for what to do with your hair when you wear a Yukata and Kimono.

Although they look the same, since the material is different, you wear Yukata mainly in the warm season, and Kimono in the cool season. Yukata is a more casual style of Japanese dressing and mainly worn in summer since the fabric is thin. Kimono are the formal type of Japanese dressing. You have to wear several layers to wear it properly and the fabric is thick compared to yukatas. Even in summer, if you are invited to a formal gathering and choose to wear Japanese dressing, it would be rude to wear yukata to this gathering.



When you are arranging your hair, you will need pins and small hair ties and maybe some hairspray so it won’t fall apart easily. Most people say putting your hair up looks best when you are wearing Yukata or Kimono.

For those of you who aren’t good with arranging your hair, putting your hair up in a bun is one of the basic hairstyles when wearing Yukata and Kimono. If you have a difficult time putting your hair in a bun, making a sock bun is always useful!


On YouTube, this video had the most views for the sock bun tutorial!

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For those of you who want more of a twist, here are a few suggestions from the latest popular hairstyles.


Level 1 Braiding arrangement hairstyle

1. Split your hair into 3 parts

2.Braid each of them so you have 3 braids


3. Make a braid with the 3 braids you made


4.Twist and hold it into a bun with pins

yukata-kimono-hair-17 yukata-kimono-hair-15


Level 2 Chignon arrangement hairstyle

1.Take 2 small locks of hair from the side and tie it in the back


2. Take some hair from behind your ear on both sides.


3. Put the 2 into braids


4.Tie the rest of the hair at the bottom


5.Put the rest of the hair into the first part

6. Use pins to hold them in


7. Take the braids from behind your ear and rap it around and hold them in with a pin

yukata-kimono-hair-05yukata-kimono-hair-20 yukata-kimono-hair-14


Level 3 “Kururinpa” arrangement hairstyle

1.Divide your hair into 2

2.Take the top on third and tie it.

3. Spilt it in half and pull the ends though

4. Take some hair and tie it over the one before

5.Split it in half and pull the ends through

6.Tie all the hair on side into one


7. Split it in half and pull it through


8.Put the rest of the hair into braids


9.Bring the braids to the other side and hold them in with a pin

yukata-kimono-hair-07 yukata-kimono-hair-18


How was it? I hope you enjoy the mood with your hairstyle and have the best time in your Yukata or Kimono!

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