Top 10 Weird School Regulations in Japan!

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Top 10 Weird School Regulations in Japan!

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Most middle schools and high schools in Japan have school regulations to secure students’ safety and train them to follow the social rules after they graduate. However, some went too far to understand why these rules were made. Let me introduce you some of the weird regulations of schools all over Japan that actually existed.

Teachers are special?

#1 You must welcome your teacher with applause when he/she enters the classroom.

#2 You are not allowed to bring manga and comic books except for when you are lending them to your teacher.

The second rule sounds pretty unfair to students. The reason of this rule is not clear, but I wonder whether there were any objections from the  students.

Regarding love affairs…

#3 When you talk with someone of the opposite gender, you must get an approval for communication and use the communication room to talk with that person.

#4 You are not allowed to stare at a female, talk to her directly nor speak about her in a loud voice.

#5 When you want to have a relationship with a boy/girl, you must have six-party meeting with you and your partner’s guardian and teachers.

Can you imagine taking so much process just to talk to someone of a different gender? It would be very awkward even if you get the permission to talk to the person you are interested in.  Rule #5 seems like a matchmaking even though it might be just a casual relationship.

Strict rules against hair style

#6 Beatles’ hair style is not allowed.

#7 Once your hair style is registered, you are not allowed to change it until you graduate.

Rule #6 have been made when the Beatles became a big hit in Japan, but is there a point in banning the hair style? Also, for #7, it wouldn’t be easy to keep the same hair style for 3 years.

Other weird rules

#8 You are allowed to sneeze up to 3 times during class. If you sneeze more than that, you must rest at the nurse’s office.

#9 You are not allowed to walk the hall without any purpose.

#10 You are not allowed to graduate until you can do 50 reps of double unders.

It is too bad that students were not allowed to sneeze freely. And if I were in a school which had #10 as a school regulation, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate.

Did your school have any weird regulations? It might be fun to find out about rules which do not make much sense. Looking back at these rules actually brings back sweet memories of the youth when they needed to hide from teachers and enjoy their limited time.

If you want to know more about weird rules, read Henna Kousoku!


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