Uniforms in Heavy Rotation This School Year! Seifuku Produced by AKB48 Groups Designers!
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The 48 Group costumes started off from cute school uniforms, and today they still have many kinds of special and unique uniform costumes. However the actual school uniforms that are worn by students in Japan are not as fancy or cute as the ones the idols wear. Actually, most of the time they are very unfashionable because they have very strict school rules along with their plain uniforms.

However, some schools have decided to renew their school uniforms to the ones created by O.C.S.D.. O.C.S.D. stands for OSARE COMPANY SCHOOL DESIGN. OSARE COMPANY is the company that has been designing uniforms, styling, and doing the hair and makeup for the 48 group. Having the concept of “the school as a brand, the students to be the hero/heroine”, OSARE COMPANY collaborated with the largest school uniform company AKASHI S.U.C..

Here are the actual uniforms they have made and schools that have decided to use them!


Kachou Girls Junior High School and High School


Nagoya Keizai University Ichimura Junior High school and High School


Kibougaoka High School


Ashikita High School

I wish I had these kinds of cute uniforms too! This is only the first wave of schools announced, and we can’t wait to see the other new cute school uniforms!

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