5 Typical Ways of Japanese Girls Celebrating Christmas Day!

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5 Typical Ways of Japanese Girls Celebrating Christmas Day!

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It’s this season of the year in Japan when we see the glittering winter illuminations and Christmas decorations all over the city, where most of the population even forget about what they are celebrating. Although Christmas is considered as a family time in Western countries, it is totally the opposite for the Japanese since most of them spend time with their friends or lovers to celebrate. Last year E-girls released MV for “Merry × Merry Xmas★” singing about girls’ christmas party and many girls wish to have things like this.

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Christmas in Tokyo is beautiful, but it’s traditions are somewhat bizarre.

For girls who do not make Christmas the most romantic night of the year, we will introduce five typical ways of Japanese girls spending the day with friends at home!

1. Dressing Up into Santa Costumes

Firstly, it is very common for girls to change into Santa costumes at an all-girls house party.

After changing into Santa costumes and shooting pictures of themselves, they are all ready to have Kentucky Fried Chicken!

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas

Since their marketing campaign in 1974, Japan maintains a notion of KFC for Christmas, where families and couples stand in a super long line to buy chickens for their dinner.

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner when the commercial for KFC starts running on TV every year.

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3. Japanese Christmas Cake “Strawberry Shortcake”

Each country has their traditional Christmas meal, and in Japan, having a “strawberry shortcake”,  a sponge cake covered with whipped cream decorated with strawberries in their Christmas dinner is mandatory.

christmas cake


4. Play Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

As soon as we enter December,  restaurants, shops, and streets are filled with Christmas music of Mariah Carey or WAM’s “Last Christmas” like crazy.  This tradition hasn’t changed for more than almost 20 years.

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5. Posting pictures on Instagram

Lastly, what is most important after all this is posting pictures of themselves on Instagram and put hashtags about whatever is related to Christmas, like “#xmas” “#costume” “#santa”! Earn ♡.


While Christmas has been a lonely day for a long time for those who are single, lately, girls have been enjoying themselves by holding parties among themselves.

Check the posts on Instagram or Twitter during the Christmas seasons, and you will definitely find pictures of one of the above!


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