Who’s Your Fashionista? Top 5 Must Follow Fashion Icon Instagramers of Tokyo!

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Who’s Your Fashionista? Top 5 Must Follow Fashion Icon Instagramers of Tokyo!

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Instagram now have spread to a must-have social network for many of females nowadays. Photo part is what constitutes Instagram and without the picture, it wouldn’t be this popular. No wonder Instagram goes well with fashion. This is what I like about the Instagram, is to look in to the pictures of fashion models posting their daily fashion coordinate and the latest trends, in a very convenient way. Obviously, many of the fashionistas uses Instagram as the main tool for their transmitting latest trends, and fans like me would scroll through the pictures of the trendy style.

These are the some of the Japanese popular females in trend and uses Instagram to transmit their style. Hope you can find your favorite!

1. Kiko Mizuhara( )

Everybody ready for Halloween??? @glitter.mag ✖️@Diesel

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@uniqlo_japan_official ✖️@disney❤️ Photo by @chenman135

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Grazia China 220 issues✌️ thanks to @chenman135 #红秀grazia

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Kiko Mizuhara, actress and a model, who have accumulated female fans through her unique world. She has been successful in the career as both television and movie actress, as well as her charming, natural character. In her Instagram, not only selfies, but there are her backstage photos of the photoshooting, as well as private shots from her off-days. Occasionally in her posts, her younger sister, who is also model, appears together. Many of her fans admires the “beautiful sisters.” Currently, Kiko Mizuhara has the most followers on Instagram in Japan. And many of the comments from her followers are in different languages, not just Japanese, but also in English, Chinese and Korean. This really shows how wide her audiences are.

2. Rola ( )

Rola, with her lovable character and her exotic looks, she has reached to be the one of the most popular “hafu” model in Japan. She is currently mainly working as a fashion model, appears in television commercials, and now, she is working in the new Hollywood film series of “Resident Evil.” Most of her posts consists of her photos of fashion coordinate, very stylish, like directly came out from the pages in the real fashion magazines. Rola seems to be active in the modeling and fashion world, and she really does transmit the fashion trend to the public. Many of her posts include English comments, and her some of her followers are also reply in English as well.

3. Naomi Watanabe(

Female comedian well-known as mimic for Beyonce, goes in as second place for the number of followers in Japan, following Kiko Mizuhara. Her popularity not only lies to her comedic talent, but she has many fans because of her original fashion taste. Naomi Watanabe, always loved fashion herself, that she has now also have her own line of clothes, “punyus” and modeling for the magazine, “la farfa,” dedicating to the chubby girls who wants to enjoy fashion. “Punyus” have been successful for having herself as model, and she has the colorful, and exotic hairstyle to match with her outfit. Also, her confidence and naturalness also appeals to female fans to be yourself. Naomi Watanabe is not ashamed of her body, that she always posts wearing fitted clothes and bathing suit on Instagram, and smiles a lot. Her heart-warming smile also encourages women to be herself, rather than being judged by someone else.

4. Tina Tamashiro(


A photo posted by 玉城ティナ (@tinapouty) on

今日の #たましふく ? #krisssoonik ? #CARVEN ? #miumiu ? #vintage

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A photo posted by 玉城ティナ (@tinapouty) on

Tina Tamashiro is also female fan-based model, who is half-American, half-Japanese interracial model usually in the magazine, ViVi. And yes, she’s a navigator of our global TV program, Tokyo Girls Update TV! She has started her career from winning the grand prize from the first, “Miss iD” Contest in 2013. When she was selected as the resident model for the female magazine ViVi, she has set her goal to be a “model-idol” to be loved by both male and female. She has her iconic bob-hair style with sexy, thick lips which makes many of her female fans adore. Many of her selfies are both cute and sexy, that we can even see it through artsy filters too. She also posts photos of her favorite goods, not really pricy, but still unique with her taste.

She recently has collaborated with upcoming, young DJ and trackmaker, tofubeats, showing her ordinary atmosphere, or sense of affinity towards her.

Contributor Wanted!!

5. Culumi Nakada(


A photo posted by 中田クルミ (@culumi_nakada) on

From my honorable mentions, I choose to recommend Culumi Nakada, model and DJ who are mostly appear in the “aomoji-kei (blue letter type)” magazines like Zipper, Vogue Girl, and NYLON. Culumi Nakada is a model who wears both Mode-style and Street-style very well, and also a successful buyer at a vintage clothing store in Shimokitazawa. Her Instagram posts include fashion coordinate of the day, but also balances out with her posts of daily food, shopping goods, and just ordinary scenes with friends. She is not like the other popular models who are to be the unattainable existence, but rather, down-to-earth kind of girl who likes second-hand street clothes and culture.

Do you have your favorite Instagram user? Let us know yours!

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