Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 : Ticket Giveaway for Non-Japanese fans!
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TIF2017 Ticket Present for Non-Japanese fans!

The same as last year, this year we are also giving away Tokyo Idol Festival tickets to foreign citizens living overseas (and also living in Japan) so you can feel Japanese idol culture up close!
This year we are collaborating with the “Tokyo Idol Festival” again, and there will be concierge booths with interpreters, etc., for guests from overseas. As a first step 100 tickets for each day — 300 tickets in total — will be given away to the members of Tokyo Girls’ Update. Please apply via the advance application form after logging in as a member.

Because there are a lot of applications, we are currently stopping accepting applications.

・Only foreigner is able to apply. Japanese living overseas are not able to apply.
・Each person can only apply for one ticket for each day, but you can select multiple days.
・Please note that multiple entries will be invalid.
・If the number of entries is more than the amount of available tickets it will become a lottery.
・Please note beforehand that people with no advance application will not be able to enter the event venue’s paid observation area for free.
・Applications are only valid for the person who applied. If multiple people are applying each person must apply separately.
・On the day of the event you must show your passport or nation al ID card when exchanging your ticket for a wristband.
・Please note beforehand that you will be refused entry if your passport or national ID card are not valid.

Date : August 4th(Fri) 5th(Sat) 6th(Sun), 2017
Venue : Odaiba Aomi Peripheral Area

Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 :

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